Blind Tasting

0011561_iso-type-black-wine-tasting-glasses-215cl-set-of-6-blind-wine-tastings_320Despite initial doubts, this proved to be a popular event last year. It is a ‘non-threatening’ self-assessment, fun blind tasting based on one of the three practical papers of the just concluded 2013 Master of Wine Examination and was held at St-Robert’s Centre in Harrogate on Thursday 29 August 2013. There were 18 tasters.

The 12 wines to be tasted are in four flights, each with three wines as follows:

  1. Wines 1-3 are from the same region of origin. Identify the grape variety and specific origin as closely as possible and comment on the winemaking, quality and maturity.
  2. Wines 4-6 are from 3 different countries. Each is made from a red variety permitted in Bordeaux. For each wine, identify the region of origin and grape variety and comment on the quality, maturity and winemaking.
  3. Wines 7-9 are made from the same single variety and come from 3 different countries. Identify the variety and for each wine, identify the origin as closely as possible commenting on the quality and style.
  4. Wines 10-12 are fortified. For each wine, identify the country and region as closely as possible, giving reasons. State the alcohol percentage by volume and comment on the method of production, quality and maturity.
March 2006 tasting panel convened to determine...

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  1. Sancerre Vacheron 2012 (£17.99)
  2. Muscadet Sur Lie Chateau de Cleray 2012 (£9.99)
  3. Coul D’Argent Vouvray Sec 2012 (£10.99)
  4. Luca Malbec 2009, Argentina (£22.99)
  5. Clos Du Bois Merlot 2009, California (£18.99)
  6. Penalolen Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Chile (£11.99)
  7. Guigal Crozes-Hermitage 2006 (£14.56)
  8. Peter Lehman Portrait Shiraz 2011, Barossa Valley (£10.99)
  9. La Motte Shiraz 2009, Stellenbosch (£11.99)
  10. Manzanilla La Gitana, Hidalgo (£8.90)
  11. Amontillado Seco, Hidalgo (£12.99)
  12. Noval 10 Year Old Tawny (£21.99)

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