2014 Offers



thumb_189_galeria_smallLa Rioja Alta continues to be one of the benchmarks for traditionally produced Rioja wine. Established in 1890 at the same spot where their head office sits today, their three Reserva Wine brands, Alberdi, Arana and Ardanza are named after the founding families, all three of which remain shareholders. The company still maintains traditional Rioja winemaking practices whilst embracing many of the new technological advances. It is unusual for a great bodega of Rioja to own vineyards, but La Rioja Alta own 360ha from which they can source top-quality grapes, resulting in excellent fruit and richness throughout their wines. Tempranillo dominates the plantings, complemented with a small proportion of Garnacha and Graciano vinesThe company is renowned for the quality of its Reservas and in particular for its Gran Reservas, the 904 and the 890. The latter are produced only in exceptional years, are amongst the finest wines being produced in Rioja today. – (BB&R)


thumb_132_etiquetas_largeThe 2005 vintage of Ardanza is a blend of 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha. The Tempranillo grapes come from 30-year-old plots. The Garnacha grapes come from ancient vines planted at a 600 meter altitude in Tudelilla (Rioja Baja), on plots adjoining our ‘Finca La Pedriza’. The grapes were selected in the vineyard and taken to the winery in refrigerated trucks. Once fermented, the wines were transferred to American oak barrels in May 2006. The Tempranillo was barrel-aged for 36 months in four and a half year-old casks. The Garnacha was aged for 30 months in two and three year-old casks. The wines were manually racked six times. It was bottled in July 2009

– Offer price £15.21 per 75 cl bottle (Winesearcher from £17.95 + £8.95 delivery per case) A case contains 12 bottles.


thumb_128_etiquetas_largeThe base grape is Tempranillo (90%) from vines over 40 years old, complemented with 10% Graciano. In January 2005, the wine was transferred to 4-year-old American oak barrels made in-house, where it stayed until January 2009. During ageing, the wine was racked every six months using traditional barrel-to-barrel methods. The wine has been rounding off in the bottle since February 2009.

Offer price £23.51 per 75 cl bottle  (Winesearcher from £27.95 + £7 delivery per case) A case contains 6 bottles.

The Society does not have an account at present with the UK agent for La Rioja Alta but, as was stated in the Hedonist last week, an account can be established if there is enough interest in  these wines which are included in a special Christmas Offer.

Champagne Henriot Brut Souverain NV


Brut Souverain is made up of Chardonnay, in the majority from the Côte des Blancs, and Pinot Noir, mostly from the Montagne de Reims. Pinot Meunier adds a delicate fruity note.  It contains 20% reserve wines. More than 25 crus are assembled, including the following village crus: Mesnil sur Oger, Oger, Avize, Cramant, Chouilly, Aÿ, Verzy, Verzenay, Beaumont, Sillery, Mailly Champagne. Dosage is less than 9 g/l. The wine is aged for 3 years before release.

The special promotional case containing 6 bottles cost £138.55 (equivalent bottle price £23.09) from the HMWS. (Winesearcher £33.95 per bottle). (Posted 15 November)

Santa Digna Estelado Rose NV


56Grapes for this Torres Chile sparkling wine come from dry farming areas of Maule Valley in Chile. First fermentation over 19 days was at 17 degrees C and bottle fermentation was over 38 days in bottle at 14oC. The wine was aged for 9 months with lees. Alcohol level is 12%, pH 3.0, total acidity 5.6 g/l (as tartaric) and residual sugar is 9 g/l.

The special promotional case containing 6 bottle costs £46.15 from the HMWS.

Hugel Riesling – A mixed Case


bonohugel1A special case containing:

  1. 2 bottles of Hugel Riesling Classic 2012
  2. 2 bottles of Hugel Riesling Tradition 2009
  3. 2 bottles of Hugel Riesling Jubilee 2007

Price: £90.82 per case.


Riesling Classic 2012

  • image_resize.phpThe vintage: 12 days of bitter cold in February (-18°C), budburst early April, flowering spread over 3 weeks. Damp early summer but superb August. Harvest began on 24 September. Superb grapes. Patchy weather during part of the harvest then fine sunny intervals. Fine well-balanced classic wines, similar to 2011 but richer and with more depth, yet already accessible.
  • In the vineyard: Made exclusively from hand harvested grapes from predominantly clay and limestone vineyards, in a dozen of the most favored localities in and around Riquewihr. A cool and long growing season give this unique dry wine great finesse and unequalled intensity.
  • Winemaking: The grapes are taken in small tubs to the presses, which are filled by gravity, without any pumping or other mechanical intervention. After pressing, the must is decanted for a few hours, then fermented in temperature-controlled barrels or vats (at 18 to 24°C). The wine is racked just once, before natural clarification during the course of the winter. The following spring, the wine is lightly filtered just before bottling, and the bottles are then aged in our cellars until released for sale.
  • The whole production of this wine is closed with DIAM the cork without the risk of cork taint.
  • Alcohol level: 12.2°, Residual Sugar (g/l): 3.3, Acidity (g/l): 8.10, pH: 2.99, Age of vines: 30 yrs. Yields: 65 hl/ha, Grapes: Riesling 100%

Riesling Tradition 2009

  • image_resize.php-2The vintage: Not only a fabulous vintage in Alsace but, just like in 1990, also a great vintage all over Europe. 2009 was an emotional vintage for us too, without the benevolent presence of “Uncle Johnny”, but with a strong symbol as the two young cousins, Jean Frédéric and Marc André, both born in 1989, worked together at their first harvest. This was a rich but harmonious vintage, with record levels of ripeness, enabling us to produce a full range of wines including, for the first time since 2001, both Riesling VT and SGN.
  • In the vineyard: Harvested exclusively by hand from clay and limestone vineyards in a dozen of the most favoured localities in and around Riquewihr with a high percentage of estate grapes, some from the Schoenenbourg.
  • Winemaking: The grapes are taken in small tubs to the presses, which are filled by gravity, without any pumping or other mechanical intervention. After pressing, the must is decanted for a few hours, then fermented in temperature-controlled barrels or vats (at 18 to 24°C). The wine is racked just once, before natural clarification during the course of the winter. The following spring, the wine is lightly filtered just before bottling, and the bottles are then aged in our cellars until released for sale. The whole production of this wine is closed with DIAM the cork without the risk of cork taint.
  • Alcohol level: 13.75°, Residual Sugar (g/l): 7.5, Acidity (g/l): 7.39, pH: 3.12, Age of vines: 35 yrs. Yields: 60 hl/ha, Grapes: Riesling 100%,

Riesling Jubilee 2007

  • image_resize.php-3The vintage: In Alsace, the 2007 vintage was full of surprises, but pleasant surprises! For those who love elegant, pure, well balanced wines, 2007 was a benchmark vintage. Having enjoyed the longest period of maturation for the past 25 years, the grapes were perfectly ripe and healthy. On the Schoenenbourg, our best Riesling vineyards were harvested at an average ripeness of 13.8% potential.
  • In the vineyard: Produced in a selection of the finest plots of the Hugel estate in the heart of the grand cru Schoenenbourg. This fantastic historical terroir has been almost exclusively devoted to Riesling for centuries. Keuper, marl, dolomite and gypsum, rich in fertilising agents, overlaid with fine layers of quaternary siliceous gravel, Vosges sandstone and Muschelkalk, with at its eastern extremity outcrops of Lias marl limestones.
  • Winemaking: The grapes are taken in small tubs to the presses, which are filled by gravity, without any pumping or other mechanical intervention. After pressing, the must is decanted for a few hours, then fermented in temperature-controlled barrels or vats (at 18 to 24°C). The wine is racked just once, before natural clarification during the course of the winter. The following spring, the wine is lightly filtered just before bottling, and the bottles are then aged extensively in our cellars until released for sale.
  • Alcohol level: 13.1°, Residual Sugar (g/l): 7.2, Acidity (g/l): 7.71, pH: 3.1, Age of vines: 25 yrs. Yields : 45 hl/ha, Grapes: Riesling 100%

Graham’s Aged Tawny Range 

The Society is pleased to offer members a special case containing the full range of Graham’s Tawny Ports at an exceptional price. Each case contains:

  • 2 bottles of Graham’s 10 year old Tawny Port
  • 2 bottles of Graham’s 20 year old Tawny Port + gift tube
  • 1 bottle of Graham’s 30 year old Tawny Port + gift tube
  • 1 bottle of Graham’s 40 year old Tawny Port + gift tube

Cost per case is £189.39. Winesearcher £234 (Posted 13 November)

Torres Reserva Range

1. Gran Vina Sol – PenedesGrape Variety: Chardonnay Offer price £41.43 per case of 6 (£6.93/bottle), Winesearcher: from £9.27 per bottle

2. Pazo Das Bruxas Albarino – Rias BaixasGrape Variety: Albarino (Alvarinho), Offer price £46.15 per case of 6 (£7.70/bottle), Winesearcher: from £13.21 per bottle

3. Celeste – Ribera del DueroGrape Variety Tempranillo Offer price £55.39 per case of 6 (£9.23/bottleWinesearcher from £12.33 per bottle.

4. Gran Sangre De Toro – Catalonia [Catalunya]Grape Variety Southern Rhone Red Blend, Offer price £43.84 per case of 6 (£7.31/bottle), Winesearcher from £9.26 per bottle

5. Gran Coronas – PenedesGrape Variety Cabernet – Tempranillo, Offer price £48.46 per case of 6 (£8.08/bottle), Winesearcher: from £11.54 per bottle

Offer ends on Monday 3 November 2014.


Torres Top Three – New HMWS Offer

The Society is pleased to announce a new wine offer featuring the three top wines of Miguel Torres. The wines, of course, need no introduction. The Winesearcher prices, which do not include delivery charges, are given for comparison:

1. Torres Fransola 2012 (Sauvignon Blanc & Parellada)
Winesearcher £102.89 per case of 6 (£17.15/bottle)

HMWS £78.49 per case of 6 (£13.09 per bottle)

2. Torres Milmanda Chardonnay 2010
Winesearcher £179.52 per case of 6 (£29.92/bottle)

HMWS £115.47 per case of 6 (£19.25 per bottle)

3. Torres Mas La Plana 2009/10 (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Winesearcher £191.96 per case of 6 (£32/bottle)

HMWS £143.19 per case of 6 (£23.87 per bottle)

Wines are in wooden cases of 6. The HMWS order ( 6 cases of Mas la Plana, 5 cases of Milmanda & 4 cases of Fransola) was sent to the supplier on Monday 27 October 2014.


Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear En Rama Primavera 2014

photoIn August, HMWS bought Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear En Rama Primavera 2014 (37.5cl) from Fells at £50.47 per case of 6.
The new vintage is expected soon and Fells are offering their remaining 23 cases as a bin end sale at £31.68 per case of 6. If you like En Rama Manzanilla, this is an excellent buy and should be snapped up. The wine is excellent but is not for keeping long.
The offer is open to HMWS members only. (3 cases ordered on 27 October)

Hunter’s Wines – Current Prices

  1. Hunter’s Sauvignon Blanc 2013    £114.69
  2. Hunter’s Riesling 2013    £114.69
  3. Hunter’s Chardonnay 2011    £145.73
  4. Hunter’s Pinot Noir 2012    £135.12
  5. Hunter’s Miru Miru    £164.27

Prices are for cases of 12. Minimum drop is 25 cases. (19 cases – 4 Riesling, 8 SB, 2 Chardonnay and 5 PN were bought for 8 HMWS members on 15 October 2014 at a cost of £2343.34)

Torres Chile Wines (29 September)
An offer from Fells arrived this morning from which I have selected three new wines for an HMWS offer. I have not tasted the wines but have heard good things about them, particularly the Pais.
1. Torres Chile Dias de Verano Dry Muscat 2013 £42.21 per case of six
2. Torres Chile Reserva de Pueblo Pais 2013 £43.91 per case of six
3. Torres Chile Santa Digna Pinot Noir 2012 £45.53 per case of six
I would be happy to order them for any interested Members.
Minimum order per person is 12 bottles which cab be mixed.
The offer is open to members the HMWS only.

Georgian Wines from Les Caves de Pyrene (28 September)

Please see below the wine we currently have available from Georgia with their respective prices per bottle including VAT:

2012 KISI W £14.28
2012 TSOLIKAURI W £14.64
2011 SAPERAVI R £14.64
2012 SHAVKAPITO R £15.06
2011 TAVKVEVRI R £14.64
2013 TAVKVEVRI ROSE Ro £13.02
2012 TSOLIKAURI W £17.88
2011 KHIKHVI W £24.42
2011 SAPERAVI R £30.90
GAIOZ SOPROMASDZE , Georgia – Organic
2010 CHKHAVERI R £12.24

We can deliver the wine to you and there will be a delivery charge which is dependent on the delivery address postcode and either the total invoice amount or the number of bottle you wish to purchase.

Fells Bin End Sale (26 September)

  1. Barbadillo Manzanilla Extra Dry 75clx6 £34.32
  2. Te Mata Woodthorpe Chardonnay 2010 75clx6 £47.50

Jancis Robinson’s Wine of the Week:

29 August 2014

Tyrrell’s Old Winery Verdelho 2012

“I can’t believe how much flavour there is in this wine whose alcohol content is just 12.5%, and there is no desperate hurry to drink it. It’s the 2012 that is tasting particularly well at the moment – stunningly attractive, with notes of both citrus and the attractive aspects of varnish, a recurring theme with the Madeira grape Verdelho, I find. It is truly tangy but has good fruit ballast too – and makes a thoroughly satisfying aperitif as well as being assertive enough to drink with food.” – Jancis Robinson MW

Winesearcher £9.12 + delivery (£6.99)

Available from the HMWS at £8.53 in cases of 6

New Wine Offer – 21 August 2014

(The offer closes on 26 September)

  1. Barbadillo Manzanilla En Rama 2014 in half bottles, £50.47 per case of 6
  2. Torres Vina Sol, £32.29 per case of 6
  3. Torres Vina Esmeralda, £32.29 per case of 6
  4. Torres Sangre de Toro, £34.60 per case of 6
  5. Torres Coronas, £39.22 per case of 6
  6. Torres Chile Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc, £34.60 per case of 6
  7. Torres Chile Santa Digna Rose, £34.60 per case of 6
  8. Torres Chile Santa Digna Merlot, £36.91 per case of 6
  9. Torres Chile Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon, £36.91 per case of 6
  10. Torres Chile Santa Digna Estelado Rose, £50.79 per case of 6
  11. Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay, £46.18 per case of 6
  12. Jean Leon Merlot/ Petit Verdot, £55.37 per case of 6
  13. Tyrrells Lost Block Range Case. Contains one bottle each of Hunter Valley Semillon 2013, Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2012, Limestone Coast Merlot 2012, Heathcote Shiraz 2012 and McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. £53.07 per case of 6
  14. La Crema West Coast Pinot Noir Case. Contains four bottles each of Monterey, Sonoma Coast and Willamette Valley Oregon Pinot Noir. £167.06 per case of 12
  15. Te Mata Vineyards White Wine Mixed Case. Contains 3 bottles each of Chardonnay 2012 and Sauvignon Blanc 2012. £69.23 per case
  16. Te Mata Vineyards Red Wine Mixed Case. Contains 2 bottles each of Gamay Noir 2012, Syrah 2012 and Merlot/Cabernets 2013. £69.23 per case

Marques de Caceres (9 August 2014)


marques_de_caceres_crianza_1Marques de Caceres was established in 1970 by Henri Fornier and is located at Cenicero in Rioja Alta. The bodega owns no vineyards and sources all its grapes from established local growers. Guru oenologist Michel Rolland is a consultant, and this is one of the most progressive producers in the region.

Both the reds and whites are very judiciously oaked with the emphasis being on fresh, fruit-dominated wines that are delicious in youth. The exceptions are the Reserva and the Gran Reserva, which are more traditionally made and can be cellared for up to 10 years following the vintage.” – Berry Bros. & Rudd

  1. 2013 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘Excellens’ Blanco, Rioja £6.86
  2. 2012 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘Antea’ Blanco, Fermentado en Barrica, Rioja  £8.22
  3. 2013 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘Excellens’ Rosado, Rioja £7.17
  4. 2011 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘Excellens’ Crianza, Cuvée Especial, Rioja  £8.73
  5. 2009 Marqués de Cáceres, Cáceres Reserva, Rioja £12.78
  6. 2005 Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva, Rioja £17.11
  7. 2011 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘MC’, Rioja £23.87
  8. 2008 Marqués de Cáceres, ‘Gaudium’, Gran Vino, Rioja  £34.35

The offer will be open for a week


New Wine Offer (30 July 2014)

1. Torres Vina Esmeralda £5.39
2. Macon-Lugny Saint-Pierre, Bouchard Pére et Fils £8.85
3. Trapiche Estacion 1883 Torrontes £8.85
4. Trapiche Estacion 1883 Malbec £8.85
Wines are in cases of 6 bottles. Minimum order is 2 cases.

Wines Of Galicia

Martin Codax

  1. Albarino 2012 Rias Baixas (£12.28)
  2. Albarino 2013 Rias Baixas (£12.28)
  3. Albarino ‘Organisatum’ 2011 (£18.48)
  4. Boca do Monte, (70%Palomino 30% Godello) 2012, Valdeorras (£9.77)
  5. Cuarto Pasos Mencia, Bierzo 2011 (£9.68)
  6. Mara Martin Godello 2012, Monterrei (£9.68)

Pazo Senorans

  1. Albarino 2012 (£16.31)
  2. Albarino ‘Seleccion de Anada’ 2006 (£37.95)

 Trapiche Torrontes & Malbec (18 June 2014)

1. Trapiche Estacion 1883 Torrontes 2012, £9.84 (Winesearcher £10.65)

  • Varietal: 92% Torrontés – 8% Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml.)
  • Vineyard: Vineyards in Cafayate Valley, Salta at 1750 meters above sea level.
  • Description: Intense aromas of flowers and citrus with notes of apricot and herbs. Very refreshing finish.
  • Pairing: Excellent as an aperitif or combining with spicy foods like Asian and Latino as well as seafood, ceviche and sushi.
  • Service: 10°-12° C

2. Trapiche Gran Medalla Malbec 2010, £17.63 (Winesearcher £23)

  • Varietal: Malbec 100% (750 ml.)
  • Vineyard: From own vineyard Finca Los Arboles in the Uco Valley, Mendoza.
  • Description: Dark, purple red in colour; delivers a bouquet of black cherry, plums, lavender, raspberry and spices marked out by a mineral character. Fresh and ample on the palate, smooth textured, with spicy notes and an elegant personality.
  • Pairing: Ideal to serve with traditional Argentinean dishes based on red meats also with hard cheeses and smoked cold cuts.
  • Service: 16°-18° C

Both wines are in cases of 6.



Henriot Brut Souverain (29 May 2014)

Henriot’s Champagne Brut Souverain NV has won the Gold Medal and the Trophy for the Best NV Champagne at this year’s International Wine Challenge and the Bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

I don’t get excited about awards at wine competitions but the Brut Souverain is a good champagne at the right price.

It is 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir and each year, about one-third of reserve wines are incorporated in the cuvee, thus ensuring the consistency of the ‘Henriot style’.

The retail price is from £33.64 (Winesearcher) + delivery.

It is currently on offer to HMWS members at £26.18 per 75cl. bottle in cases of 6.

En Rama & Solear

The Society has 3 bottles of Tio Pepe En Rama (£14.75) and 12 half bottles of Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear (£4.51) for sale to members.


Wines Of Ken Forrester (12 May 2014)

  1. Chenin Blanc Reserve 2013, £9.96                         (Winesearcher – from £12.00 + delivery)
  2. The FMC Chenin Blanc 2012, £21.61                     (Winesearcher – from £23.50 + delivery)
  3. The Renegade Shiraz Grenache 2009, £9.96    (Winesearcher – from £13.16 + delivery)
  4. The Gypsy Shiraz Grenache 2010, £21.61           (Winesearcher – from £23.00 + delivery)

(The HMWS order was placed on Thursday 22 May. Delivery was made the next day.)


Whites For Summer (8 May 2014)

  1. Seifried Estate Sauvignon Blanc (Nelson, New Zealand) £48.26 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £60.56 + delivery)
  2. Torres Chile Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc, £36.17 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £44.93 + delivery)
  3. Torres Chile Santa Digna Chardonnay, £36.17 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £44.50 +delivery)
  4. Torres Chile Santa Digna Gewurztraminer, £38.59 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £40.97 + delivery)
  5. Torres Vina Esmeralda 2012, £43.07 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £45.51 + delivery)
  6. Torres Fransola 2011, £90.38 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £107.14 + delivery)
  7. Torres Milmanda Chardonnay 2010, £141.94 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £179.94 +delivery)

Minimum order is 2 cases of six. (3 cases of Esmeralda, 2 cases of Milmanda and 4 cases of Fransola were ordered on 12 May and delivered on 14 May.)

Buying Torres Top Wines

Members have expressed interest in large format, older vintages of Torres top red wines. The following library Magnums are available to the Society directly from the Torres winery in Penedes. The price includes duty, VAT and delivery to the HMWS.

  1. Mas La Plana 2005
  • 150mls x 6 (£329.56)
  • 150mls x 1 (£54.93)
  1. Mas La Plana 2009
  • 150mls x 6 (£291.06)
  • 150mls x 1 (£48.51)
  1. Gran Muralles 2004
  • 150mls x 6 (£577.06)
  • 150mls x 1 (£99.85)
  1. Gran Muralles 2005
  • 150mls x 6 (£555.06)
  • 150mls x 1 (£92.51)
  1. Reserva Real 2009
  • 150mls x 6 (£742.06)
  • 150mls x 1(£123.68)
  1. Reserva Real 2006
  • 150mls x 6 (£775.06)
  • 150mls x 1 (£129.18)
  1. Reserva Real 2005
  • 150mls x 6 (£808.06)
  • 150mls x 1(£134.68)

(6 magnums each of Mas La Plana 2009, Gran Muralles 2005 and Reserva Real 2009 were ordered on 12 May)


Altano – Special Mixed Case Offer

April 2014

  • 3 Altano White 2012
  • 3 Altano Quinta do AStaide Reserva 2009
  • 6 Altano Quinta do Ataide Organic 2011


  • Normal retail price: £186.02
  • Offer price: £78.57
  • (All 3 allocated cases were bought)


Torres & Graham’s – March 2014

The case prices (6 bottles in a case) of the best offers are given below. The offer closes on Friday 4th April.

  1. Santa Digna Estelado Rose £47.97 (6×6 bought)
  2. Torres Gran Vina Sol£ 37.47 (5×6 bought)
  3. Torres Gran Sangre de Torro £39.57 (2×6 bought)
  4. Torres Gran Coronas £45.87 (8×6 bought)
  5. Graham’s Six Grapes Port £52.16
  6. Graham’s LBV 2008 £56.36 (2×6 bought)
  7. Graham’s 20 yr. old Tawny £146.36
  8. Graham’s 30 yr. old Tawny £263.96

Manzanilla – March 2014

  1. Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear (37.5 cl x 12) £54.09 per case.

(10 cases bought)

March 2014 – Seifried Estate wines, New Zealand

  1. Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2011 £9.26
  2. Estate Gruner Veltliner 2012 £9.26
  3. Estate Gewurztraminer 2012 £9.26
  4. Estate Riesling 2012 £9.26
  5. Aotea Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2012 £9.57
  6. Nelson Sweet Agnes Riesling 2012 (37.50) £11.20
  7. Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc 2012 £8.40
  8. Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay 2010 £8.40
  9. Estate Pinot Noir 2011 £10.60
  10. Old Coach Road Pinot Noir 2011 £9.52
HMWS Wine Offer – January 2014
Warwick Estate, Stellenbosch
1. First Lady Chardonnay 2012, £6.60
A pale straw colour with a hint of green in the glass. Intense nose of canned  pineapple, pear and orange blossom notes. The mid-palate is broad and  appealing supported by a lingering acidity. Chardonnay 100%. Alc 13.72%,  Sugar 4.4 g/l, Acidity 6.1 g/l, Ph 3.48. Ageing potential 2-3 years.
(The Wine Society sells it at £8.95 per bottle)
2. First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, £6.60
(Winesearcher £11.99)
3. Three Cape Ladies 2011, £8.70
Ripe plum and bramberry aromas fuse with a touch of mint chocolate to  compliment the smooth tannins. This “Cape Blend” brings the best of  Pinotage to the classic French varieties. Pinotage 37%, Cabernet Sauvignon  31%, Syrah 28%, Merlot 4%. Alc 14.24% | Sugar 2.5 g/l | Acidity 5.3 g/l | Ph  3.62. 18 months in 22L French oak barrels – 25%. Adeing potential 8-10  years.
(Winesearcher £15.90)
Bottles are 75cl and are in boxes of 6.
Minimum order is 12 bottles, ie 6×2. Cases could not be split.
Payment is required with orders.
Delivery is in the second week of March 2014.


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