Turkish Wine and Sunday Lunch






Turkish Wine and Sunday Lunch” was held at Konak Meze, the new Turkish Restaurant in Harrogate (11 Mount Parade, HG1 1BX) on Sunday 8 September 2013. There were 22 HMWS members & 3 guests.

(Last updated on 17september.)

For more information on Konak Meze restaurant, visit: http://www.konakmeze.co.uk


Cold & Hot Mezes

Simple meze of feta cheese and olives: charact...

Simple meze of feta cheese and olives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  • Olives and Feta cheese
  • Cacik (blended yogurt with cucumber, garlic and mint)
  • Ezme Salata (finely chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, parsley, pomegranate and herbs)
  • Humus (Puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic)
  • Pilaki (beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs)
  • Falafel (chickpea rissoles seasoned with cumin and coriander)
  • Sigara Boregi (deep fried filo pastry parcels filled with spinach and feta cheese)
  • Patates Kofte (deep fried patties with cheese, finely chopped parsley and herbs)
Served with warm home made Turkish bread.
Imam bayildi

Imam bayildi

  • Tavuc Sis (peppers, onions, marinated pieces of chicken breast threaded on to a skewer and chargrilled)
  • Et Sote (small cubes of lamb slowly cooked in a tomato sauce with red wine, mushrooms, onions and peppers)
  • Levrek (chargrilled marinated seabass finished with olive oil and lemon)
  • Imam Bayildi (classic oven baked Ottoman dish of roasted aubergines stuffed with vegetables cooked in olive oil)
Served with rice and sauteed vegetables.
English: Baked Turkish rice pudding (firinda s...

Baked Turkish rice pudding (firinda sütlaç). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Ballava (Layers of Filo pastry, walnut and syrup)800px-Turkish_tea_Cyprus
  • Kadayif (Shredded pastry & syrup)
  • Sutlac (Oven baked Turkish rice pudding)
Elma cayi (Turkish apple tea)
Wine List
1. Narice 2012, Vinkara: A charming grapy round-flavoured white with touches of apricot and citrus. It is made from the local narince grape grown high in the mountainous region close to the Black Sea in northern Turkey.
2. Kalecik Karasi 2011, Vinkara Winery. A true Turkish original with a bouquet of cherry and redcurrant, and a seductive rounded fruity palate with touches of cinnamon and spice.
3. Ökϋzgözϋ Boğazkere, 2011 (Vinkara)A cunning blend of, to us, two nigh-unpronounceable, indigenous Turkish grape varieties with bright red vibrant fruit flavours and attractive cherry and damson bouquet. (£7.95 The Wine Society)
4. Vourla 2010, Urla Winery (See Jancis Robinson’s article:


An interesting and enjoyable lunch in, as always, good company. The attentive Konak Meze staff looked as if they were enjoying themselves too. Your four selected wines were impressive and complemented the food nicely. (The buffet starter was super!) It is nice to know that M&S, Waitrose  and The Wine Society are now stockists of Turkish wines. Thank you for organising this unique Sunday lunch – hopefully the first of several similar occasions?
Drs. Elma and Alisdair Stewart, Harrogate, 8th September
P.S. Gosh, you are quick off the mark! The photos in HMWS Blog are appreciated.

“Thank you for organising yesterday’s Turkish lunch – good food and extremely pleasant wines. I hope we’ll see more of these to come.” – Gail Bent, Harrogate, 9th September

“From a very new member all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and wines. It was a very interesting introduction to Turkish wines, which were an excellent selection for a newcomer. I also enjoyed the food and the starters were a very good selection. Good wine, good food and good company all bode well. – John Armstrong, Harrogate, 9thSeptember

“What a super lunch we had! It was very good – the food was good, especially the Starter, and the wines were good too, and of course the company was excellent! Here’s to the next occasion!” – Gwynneth Owen, Leeds, 9th September

“Looks great fun! Haven’t done any wine tasting since I left Yorkshire. Great to see you all looking so well. Please pass on my kind regards to everyone. It would be good to taste some wine when I’m up your way again.” – Dr. Phil Lane (On Facebook) 10th September

“Thank you for organising last weekends Turkish lunch. It was a lovely day. Food was gorgeous and the wine was very good too. I have looked at the blog and the photographs are great!” – Mary Gibbons, 14 September

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