Biodynamic Wines Of Seresin




Some of the best wines and olive oil of this biodynamic New Zealand producer was on offer at this tasting   tutored by Sara Fogarty of Seresin UK. It was held at the Masonic Hall in Harrogate on Thursday 9 April starting at 7 pm. The tasting was followed by a two course supper prepared by Adam Vear of the Masonic Hall. 24 HMWS members, 5 guests and Graeme Oliver of Armit Wines attended the event.


Michael_Seresin_270x270Michael Seresin’s passion for wine was ignited after exploring the wines that Italy has to offer during his visits to his second home in the Tuscan hills. After initially toying with the idea of establishing a winery in Italy during the early 1990s, his attention was soon diverted back to his homeland of New Zealand, having enjoyed the latest wines from Marlborough after a trip to the stunning Marlborough Sounds. The first vines of Seresin Estate were planted in the Wairau Valley in the early 1990s, the vineyard that would later become Seresin’s Home vineyard. The maiden vintage in 1996 was a great success, and the vineyard holding was soon expanded with the purchase of Tatou vineyard in 2000, followed by the clay-rich Raupo Creek vineyard in Omaka Valley.

In conjunction with Michael’s Marlborough winery and his international success as a filmmaker, he is passionate about environmental and ecological issues. As a result, the organic and biodynamic approach to viticulture at the estate is more ‘a way of life’, evolved from a need to work in harmony with nature to produce healthy vines and grapes that express their terroir. Minimal intervention, biodynamic preparations and natural fertiliser, hand-picked fruit and wild yeast fermentation all contribute to allow the individuality of each wine to show through. Seresin’s commitment and dedication to true sustainability has been recognised with a host of awards, and they are trailblaizers in this regard as they are one of the first Estates in the region to have embraced organic viticulture. The expert care and dedication that goes into every process that they undertake, combined with an extreme passion and belief in what they do have all helped to establish Seresin’s international reputation as quite simply one of the finest producers in New Zealand.



  1. Seresin Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (£11.95)
  2. Seresin Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2010 (40% oaked) (£19.08)
  3. Seresin Viognier 2011 (£19.08)
  4. Seresin Dry Riesling 2009 – Serve on arrival? (£11.55)
  5. Seresin Chiaroscuro 2011 – Riesling, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris (£20.53)
  6. Momo Pinot Noir 2012 (£10.89)
  7. Seresin Leah Pinot Noir 2011 – served with supper (£15.05)
  8. Seresin Raupo Creek Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011 (£19.34)
  9. Seresin Home Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011 (£25.08)
  • Seresin Olive Oil – Extra Virgin (£11.50 fro 25cl, £16.24 for 50cl.)


  • Salmon en croute with watercress sauce
  • White chocolate and pistachio cheesecake
  • Coffee/tea


“Really enjoyed the tasting. Found it very interesting aNd informative. P was really impressed by Sara when he asked her a question which she could not answer straight away she came back to him later with the answer. The wines we particularly liked where the Dry Riesling, Home ad Leah Pinot Noir. Olive oil was also good. Once again thank you very much for organising a most interesting ad enjoyable tasting. As devotees of biodynamic wines it is really good to see people who are so taken by the concept.” – Carol Murphy, Ackworth

“Thank you so much for organising the Seresin tasting.  Sara conjured up the atmosphere of the vineyards very well, and it was very interesting to compare the wines (and grapes).
Are we able to purchase yesterday’s wines? And if so, will it have to be complete cases?” – Jane Trewhella, Ilkley

All Seresin wines are available from the HMWS


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