Wines of the Northern Rhone



Robert Buckley presented a selection of Northern Rhone wines on Thursday 23 February 2017 at the Masonic Hall in Harrogate, attended by 22 HMWS members


Tasting List

  1. Taburnum Colline Rhodaniennes, Vin’s de Vienne, 2014 – £32
  2. Saint Joseph Blanc, Andre Perret 2012 – £17.76
  3. Hermitage Chante Alouette, Chapoutier 2006 – £22.27
  4. Crozes Hermitage Cuvee Christophe Dme des Remizieres 2009 – £19.23
  5. Saint Joseph, Les Grisieres, Andre Perret 2010 – £20.23
  6. Cornas Patou Domaine Dumien Serette 2009 – £26.34
  7. Cote Rotie, Bernard Burgaud 2006 – £24.60
  8. Cote-Rotie, Chateau d’Ampuis, Guigal 2011 (Average Price (ex-tax) £48, Average Critic Score 93/100)
  9. Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet Aine 2003 – £89.00

Supper Menu

Lamb cutlets with black pudding mash and red wine jus
(Salmon steak with lemon and caper butter for non-meateaters)
Torres Altos Ibericos Rioja 2013
Vanilla creme brûlée


  • “As far as I could perceive the tasting went well. The greatest worry is that when you are opening 18 bottles you know that statistically one or two bottles are likely to be corked. I had double decanted all the reds at home of course and was therefore confident that all were without taint. Old white Rhone is I think a very individual/ acquired taste and I was not surprised that some people loved it, as we did, and others were very unimpressed with the 2006 Chapoutier. I did note that most fans were on my side of  the room and that the other half, with a different bottle were very indifferent. There was therefore quite a lot of this left over in this bottle and it was the bottle which we took home to finish the next evening. It was very very disappointing, hollow and not at all enticing (we didn’t finish it). Clearly the wine had another 24 hours of oxidation and therefore you would expect it to have lost something. It wasn’t corked, but I suspect that this was in inferior condition to the one on our side of the room. Of course they were bought and stored together throughout their lives – but such is the fragile nature, particularly of older wines. Apologies therefore to that side of the room as I don’t think they saw the wine at its best. What was interesting was the varied reactions to the many different styles of wine in the presentation. This was particularly the case with the reds, all of which of course come from the same grape. I think that there is no doubt that the wine that you sourced, the Guigal, was the best received wine. I was not alone in being seduced by its polish, poise and power. A very intense, new oak nose but great intensity of fruit and balance – very much a Parker wine. What is so interesting though is the variety of styles – and there were certainly people who found the La Chapelle, the Cornas and the Crozes – Hermitage to be their favourite. Although less of an obvious blockbuster than the Guigal several people really enjoyed the greater complexity of the La Chapelle 2003. I certainly found it much more enjoyable than we tasted it in 2014 – and this corresponds with a number of critics, including Parker, who upgraded its score on re-tasting in late 2016. This volatility helps to explain our endless fascination with this enchanting liquid!” – Robert Buckley, Leeds, 25 February
  • “Rob gave us an excellent tasting of fine quality wines from the Upper Rhone last evening. He was informative, spoke clearly and handled questions and comments like a professional.
    A nice supper in convivial company rounded off an enjoyable escape from Storm Doris outside.
    The last HMWS wine tour to Northern Rhone was in 1997 and we look forward to our return visit in October.”
    – Alisdair and Elma (Stewart), Harrogate
  • “Congratulations to Robert Buckley for an excellent,informative and well researched presentation on Wines of the Northern Rhone.
    The wines were varied some not to our taste but the majority extremely palatable with our favourites on the night being the Cote- Roti Chateaud’Ampuis Guigal 2011 and the Hermitage La Chapelle, Paul Jaboulet Aine 2003.
    An excellent meal of pink lamb chops and crème brulee rounded off a perfect evening
    Thank you Robert”
    – Pat & John (Shore), Harrogate
  • “Oma and I attended the Northern Rhone wine event. It was a great evening. We missed both of you but we’re comforted with the knowledge that you are in warmer climates.
    More than a week after the event I can only recall one wine:
    Taburnum Colline Rhodaniennes, Vin’s de Vienne, 2014
    It was the outstanding wine of the evening for me and there was a second glass left which I saved for the end of the evening. I can still recall the flowery smell and the finish which seemed to last forever. I loved the peach taste. For me it was a very complex wine. Obviously taste is very subjective: Oma didn’t like it and opinions at our table were divided.” – Dr. Abdullah Kraam, Leeds, 3 March 2017