Travels In Argentina

Proposed HMWS wine/culture tour of Argentina in March 2018 arranged by Sophie Jump of Chakana Wines

Provisional Itinerary & Costs as provided by Sophie Jump

Ground Tour – 17 days from 5th March to 21st March


sophie500sq“At this stage it’s an outline for travel on the suggested dates. We’ve checked all the connecting flights for this. The only part that didn’t work was Peninsula Valdes but I think you have a lot to be going on with here!
If you think this has legs we can work on initial costing estimates and detail. I am confident that we can organise a fabulous trip for you.” – Sophie Jump


Day 1 (Monday 5th March)


Day 2 (Tuesday 6th March)


  • Breakfast. City tour with time for lunch and shopping (lunch is not included). Free  afternoon

Day 3 (Wednesday 7th March)


  • Breakfast
  • Tour to Tiger and delta with boat ride. Visit to San Isidro and time for lunch (Tigre is an Argentinean town just north of the city of Buenos Aires. It’s a gateway to the rivers and wetlands of the vast Paraná Delta. The town’s old fruit harbor, the Puerto de Frutos, is now a busy craft market. Nearby, the Mate Museum traces the history of the traditional Argentinean tea-like drink and has a mate bar. Rowing clubs and restaurants line the Paseo Victorica, a riverside esplanade.)
  • Dinner  + Tango show in “Café de los Angelitos”  (dinner included)

Day 4 (Thursday 8th March)


  • Check out. Pick up at the hotel. Transfer to airport to travel to Iguazu
  • Transfer to Hotel
  • 3 nts Hotel Amerian Portal
  •  (afternoon) Helicopter Ride

Day 5 (Friday 9th March)

(video by Gillian Fieldhouse)

  • Full day Argentine falls

Day 6 (Saturday 10th March)


Day 7 (Sunday 11th March)


  • Check out + transfer to the airport. Flight to Mendoza
  • Transfer in and check in. 4 nights at  NH Cordillera. Free day

Day 8 (Monday 12 March)


  • Winery visits

Day 9 (Tuesday 13 March)

  • Breakfast and Wine Tour  (from 9 am to 5 pm with lunch in one of the wineries). The wineries are: Bodega Caro – Visit and tasting, Catena Zapata Winery – our and wine tasting.Lunch at Casa El Enemigo.

Day 10 (Wednesday 14 March)


  • Breakfast
  • High Mountain – full dayStart: We will leave Mendoza City to head for the most picture-postcard villages and historical places in the mountain along the international route between Mendoza and Chile.We will visit: The Potrerillos´ Dam with its wonderful panoramic points, the Uspallata valley, the historical Picheuta Bridge, and Penitentes ski center. Then, the tour will lead us to the famous Puente de Inca, a natural stone bridge with hotsprings. Finally, we will stop in the Aconcagua National Park viewpoint.

Day 11 (Thursday 15 March)

  • Check out
  • trf to the airport to fly to Calafate
  • Transfer to the hotel + check in + rest day. (Kosten Aike hotel – 2 Nights)

Day 12 (Friday 16 March)


  • Full Day tour Glacier Perito Moreno :

    “Departure from the hotel to the Perito Moreno Glacier, located in the Los Glaciares National Park 80 km. Of the city of El Calafate. From Start the trip for pleasant surprises. When leaving the city, on the Right bank of the road, you can see the Argentino Lake with its Bay Round, which presents an interesting variety of birdlife. During the First fifty kilometers, the route passes through the steppe Patagonia. From the entrance to the National Park, a drastic Change in the vegetation that is enriched with the typical species of the forest Andino-Patagónico: especially ñires, lengas and guindos, among others. He Glacier is an impressive river of ice with an area of ​​257 kilometers Squares, a length of thirty kilometers and a front of four kilometers.The height of the front wall ranges between 50 and 60 meters above the lake. In the central part of the glacier, the ice has a depth of between 250 and 350 meters. This frozen river descends from the ice field Continental shelf and causes in its slow progress detachments and Make the glacier a wonder in constant movement. It’s about a Spectacle that impresses not only by its visual beauty, but also by the Constant roars that are heard from within, which has earned him Has been declared a World Heritage Site. During the tour, a walk By the walkways located in front of the glacier allows to admire this imposing Wonder of nature from different perspectives. After the visit, Take the return to El Calafate to finally arrive at the hotel.”

360px-perito_moreno_glacier_patagonia_argentina_luca_galuzzi_2005Day 13 (Saturday 17 March)

  • Tranfer  to the airport to fly to Ushuaia
  • Transfer to the hotel. MIL810 Ushuaia Hotel (2 Nights)

Day 14 (Sunday 18 March)


  • Tour and walk to the National Park Tierra del Fuego and Lapataia Bay”Departure from the hotel heading west to the Tierra del Fuego National Park. (Fire), the only one in the country with sea coast, located to twelve kilometers of The city of Ushuaia. We cross the main and most important trails from the park. There you can enjoy multiple panoramic views of the Canal del Beagle, wrapped in the charming surroundings provided by the last Foothills of the Andes Range before plunging into the ocean And the Andean-Patagonian forest, formed by diversity of arboreal species -Lengas, guindos, ñires, notros, among others – and diverse flowers, like orchids, Violets and senecios. Bay Lapataia, Roca Lake and Ensenada Bay are Some of the places we will visit in the southernmost park in the world.” 

Day 15 (Monday 19 March)

  • trf to the airport to fly to Puerto Madryn, transfer to the hotel,  check in Hotel Territorio (2 Nights),  rest day

Day 16 (Tuesday 20 March)

  • Excursion  FD  to Peninsula Valdés

    “Departure early in the morning from the city of Puerto Madryn to the Provincial Reserve Valdes Peninsula. After an hour’s journey you will The town of Puerto Pirámides. There you can take a boat ride The main attraction is whale watching. This activity can be Between June and December. Outside these months, during the Period between December and March, the navigation is also carried Out but with the aim of seeing sea lions, cormorants, and, Possibly, dark dolphins. Navigation is not included, it is optional. After the embarkation, it continues by land towards the south of the Peninsula of Valdés. The next destination is the Punta Delgada lighthouse. Lunch is optional and You can take in the Lighthouse of Punta Delgada or in the restaurant The Paradise in

    Puerto Pirámides. Then you will visit the cliffs in order to take Proximity to an infield of elephant seals, creatures of three thousand kgs. Of weight they frolic in the beach and dive to more than thousand meters of depth (This activity is carried out from July to March). Here the tour concludes and Undertakes the return. On the way, a stop is made in the Isthmus Carlos Ameghino to visit the interpretation center that is located there. Along Of all the route is possible to observe part of the terrestrial fauna: guanacos, Pigeons, maras, ñandúes, foxes and different species of birds, among others animals. The arrival to the city of Puerto Madryn is anticipated at the last hour of the Afternoon, to finally arrive at the hotel.”

Day 17 (Wednesday 21 March)

  • Transfer to the Airport. Fly To Ezeiza to take the international flight back.


Tour Cost

Price per person in double room: US$ 3.550


  • Accommodation with breakfast, all transfers and excursions described.

(Does not include lunch and dinner, unless otherwise indicated. Tickets to the national parks in Iguazu are not included.)


  • Hotels are subject to availability at time of booking.
  • All rates are subject to change at time of booking services.

Flight options within Argentina:

  • 08 March Buenos Aires to Iguazu 1300 1450
  • 11 March Iguazu to Buenos Aires 1440 1635
  • 11 March Buenos Aires to Mendoza 1455  1950
  • 15 March Mendoza to Buenos Aires 0605  0740
  • 15 March Buenos Aires to Calafate 1015 1330
  • 17 March Calafate to Ushuaia 1230 1350
  • 19 March Ushuaia to Trelew 15:40 – 17:50
  • 21 March Trelew Buenos Aires 14:55 – 16:45

Price per person with taxes included: US$ 1.130


  1. Benson, Renna (confirmed)
  2. Dias, Bernard (confirmed)
  3. Dias, Ramani (confirmed)
  4. Greenwood, Jane
  5. Kraam, A
  6. Lee, Tony (confirmed)
  7. Murphy, Carol (confirmed)
  8. Murphy, Peter (confirmed)
  9. Stanier, T



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