2017 Wine Offers


July 2017

Monday Wine Offer – Seifried Aotea Range (offer ends 18 August)

Aotea represents a selection of wines which the Seifried winemaking team consider to be the very best of the best. The fruit is harvested from single vineyard Estate grown vines. The wines offer texture while maintaining the varietal character of the grape – wines with depth and finesse.

  1. Seifreid Aotea Barrique Chardonnay 2013 – £91.53 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £121.40)
  2. Seifried Aotea Gewurztraminer 2014 /2015 – £84.93 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £91.94)
  3. Seifried Aotea Pinot Noir 2012 / 2014 – £108.14 per case of 6 (Winesearcher 113.40)

Monday Wine Offer – An Introductory Mixed Case From Sicily’s Pellegrino Estate 

“Marsala” production didn’t begin until 1773, but grapes have been grown and wines have been made in this little corner of Sicily for thousands of years. In the mid 1700s, when the popularity of fortified wines from Oporto and Jerez grew immensely, British wine merchants explored possibilities of producing a similar product in other regions. The heady wines of dry, windswept Sicily fit the bill perfectly. As in Port production, brandy was added to the barrels and the resulting liqueur, with varying degrees of sweetness, was an immediate sensation.

About 100 years later, Paolo Pellegrino began his Marsala business. Now, Pellegrino—still completely family owned—is the largest producer in the region. They have nearly 1000 acres of vineyards and produce a full range of DOC Marsala.

Because of the natural climate of western Sicily—low levels of rainfall, hot temperatures and dry winds—treatments in the vineyards are rarely needed. All the grapes vines grown in the area can truly be called “eco-friendly.” And these grapes are not seen in many other regions—Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia for the whites; Pignatello and Nero’Avola for the reds.

£83.43 per case of 12 containing:

(2 cases ordered)


  1. Meerlust Estate Chardonnay 2015 (£15.47, HMWS) (7 cases ordered)
  2. Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir 2015 (£16.47, HMWS)
  3. Meerlust Estate Merlot 2014 (£15.46, HMWS)
  4. Meerlust Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (£16.47, HMWS) (2 cases ordered)
  5. Meerlust Rubicon en magnum 2012 (£39.63, HMWS, £19.09 per 75cl bottle) (7 cases ordered)
  6. Meerlust Estate Red 2013 (£9.76, HMWS. Magnums £20.22)
  7. Special 6 bottle Meerlust case containing 2 bottles each of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rubicon – £99.50 (5 cases ordered)

Monday Wine Offer 1 – Torres Chile (3 July – 18 August)

  1. Santa Digna Pinot Noir 2013 – £38.58 (Winesearcher – from £53.64)
  2. Estelado Sparkling Rose NV – £51.45 (Winesearcher – from 59.88) (1case ordered)
  3. Estelado Extra Brut Organic NV (new) – £51.45 (2 cases)
  4. Dias de Verano 2014 – £32.13 (Winesearcher – from £53.94)
  5. Reserva de Pueblo 2014 – £34.29 (Winesearcher – from £59.69) (1 case)

Prices are for cases of six

A Special 6 bottle mixed case containing 2 bottles each of Estelado Extra Brut Organic NV, Santa Digna Pinot Noir 2013 and Reserva de Pueblo 2014 – £40

June 2017

Monday Wine Offer – Le Volte dell’Ornellaia 2015 – A Special Offer (26th June)

Most of you do not need any introduction to Tenuta dell’Ornellaia in Bolgheri, renowned for its Super Tuscans.
Le Volte dell’Ornellaia 2015 combines the Mediterranean expression of opulence and generosity with structure and complexity. The approachable style, a blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, reflects the philosophy and savoir-faire of Ornellaia. Crisp and fresh dark fruit with subtle meat and spice undertones is supported by fine, silken tannins and a lingering finish. 67% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Sangiovese.

This not to be missed wine is offered by Armit at the special promotional price of £14.52 per bottle in cases of six. To qualify, the Society needs to purchase a minimum of 48 bottles.

Monday Wine Offer (19 – 22 June) 

  2. QUINTA DO ATAÍDE, DOURO DOC 2014 – £54.71

Prices above are for cases of 6

Monday Wine Offer – Five Fine Italians (12 – 23 June)

  1. Torricella Chardonnay 2015, Barone Ricasoli, IGT Tuscany – £78.90 This full bodied Tuscan with 75% Chardonnay and 25% Sauvignon Blanc is unusual but the combination here works. Sauvignon Blanc adds acidity and lift while the Chardonnay adds mouthfeel and weight. Good modern, unusual white from Ricasoli. Maturity: Drink
  2. Barbera d’Alba Battaglione 2015, Renato Ratti, Piedmont – £68.61
  3. Nebbiolo Langhe Ochetti 2015, Renato Ratti, Piedmont – £75.03
  4. Tenda Soave 2015, Tedeschi, Veneto – £55.74
  5. Lucchine Valpolicella DOC Classico 2013, Tedeschi, Veneto – £51.45

(Prices shown are per case of six 75cl bottles)

Monday Wine Offer – Brown Brothers, Victoria South Australia (5 – 23 June)



  1. EXPLORER LATE HARVEST ORANGE MUSCAT AND FLORA 2013/2014 – (37.5cl x 6) – £36.42
  2. EXPLORER CHENIN BLANC 2014 – (75cl x 6) – £45
  3. EXPLORER TARRANGO 2016 – (75cl x 6) – £45
  4. EXPLORER DRY MUSCAT 2014 – (75cl x 6) – £45
  5. EXPLORER LATE HARVEST MUSCAT 2013 – (75cl x 6) – £47.16

Terrango: Tarrango is a unique Australian grape variety, bred by CSIRO scientists in 1965 by crossing the Portuguese red grape variety Touriga with the versatile white grape Sultana. It was developed specifically to produce a light, fresh red wine ideal for summer drinking in the many countries with warm to hot summers. Named after the tiny township of Tarrango in the Mallee district of north-west Victoria, where it was designed to thrive, the vines bear generous crops that ripen late and maintain a fresh acidity and soft grapey flavour.

Orange Muscat & Flora: Orange Muscat and Flora are two white grape varieties that are little known or planted in Australia. As the name suggests, Orange Muscat is part of the Muscat family and hails from the south-east of France. The variety is said to have derived its name from the golden hues the grapes develop when fully ripe and the strong aroma of orange blossom given off at vintage when the grapes are freshly crushed. Flora was developed at the Californian Agricultural Department Station in 1958 from a cross between the white grapes Semillon and Gewürztraminer. It produces a wine of fragrance and body with a fresh acid backbone. The fruit was grown at our Mystic Park vineyard and was harvested in late March and early April at baumé levels ranging from 14.6° to 15.2°.

May 2017

Monday Wine Offer – Torres Spain (29 May – 23 June)

  1. Verdeo 2015, Rueda – (6x75cl) – £34.29
  2. Viña Esmeralda 2015, Catalunya – (6x75cl) – £34.29
  3. Gran Viña Sol 2014/15 Penedés – (6x75cl) – £42.87
  4. Altos Ibericos Crianza 2013 Rioja – (6x75cl) – £45
  5. Atrium 2014 Penedés – (6x75cl) – £47.16
  6. Gran Sangre de Toro 2012/13 Catalunya – (6x75cl) – £47.16

Surplus Quinta do Crasto – Reduced to Clear – Re (26 May)

  1. Douro Superior White 2015 – (£16.89)  £14.35 (4 bottles) Sold
  2. Douro Superior Red 2014 – (£16.89)  £14.09 (4 bottles) Sold
  3. Colheita 1997 – (£33.18)  £28.20 (5 bottles) Sold

Monday Wine Offer – Warwick & Temata (22 May)

  1. TEMATA Estate Gamay Noir 2015, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – (75clx6) – £72.90
  2. TEMATA Cape Crest Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – (75clx6) – £85.77

This is another Special Promotion from Fells

Monday Wine Offer – Chakana Estate (15 May)

Chakana Estate wines tasted last Thursday are on offer this week (except Malbecs that were in the recent Fells Special promotional Offer ).

  1. Chakana Torrentes 2014 (75 cl x 6) – £46.67
  2. Chakana Estate Selection Chardonnay 2014 (75 cl x 6) – £87.15
  3. Chakana Estate White Blend 2015 (Chardonnay 50%, Viognier 35%, Sauvignon Blanc 15% – organic) (75 cl x 6) – £58.45 Star buy (1)
  4. Chakana Ayni Malbec 2014 (75 cl x 6) – £102.03 Star buy (4)
  5. Chakana Ayni Malbec 2013 (150 cl x 1, Wooden Box) – £40.08 Star buy
  6. Chakana Ayni Malbec 2013 (150 cl x 6) – £202.68 Star buy (1)
  7. Chakana Estate Selection Red Blend 2014 (Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon)  (75 cl x 6) – £87.15
  8. Chakana Estate Bonarda 2013 (75 cl x 6) – £58.45

Chris Mooney of Fells wrote:  “I think another couple of your Members, were asking about Vilafonté availability on Thursday.” HMWS can get Vilafonté wines for any interested Members. Please get in touch.

Surplus Chakana Wines For Sale (12 May)

  1. Torrontes 2014 – 2 bottles @ £7.78 each (sold to Tony Lee))
  2. Estate Chardonnay 2014 – 3 bottles @ £14.53 each (bought by Ian Bexon at 10.50 am, 12/6)
  3. Estate White Blend (organic) 2015 – 3 bottles @ £9.75 each (bought by Tony Lee, 15/5)
  4. Ayni Malbec 2014 – 2 bottles @ £15.22 each (bought at  9 am by Dr. Ashley Guthrie, 12/6)
  5. Estate Selection Blend 2014 – 3 bottles @ £14.53 each (bought by Charles Joslin, 18/5)
  6. Estate Selection Malbec 2013 – 3 bottles @ £14.53 each (bought at  9 am by Dr. Ashley Guthrie, 12/6)
  7. Estate Bonarda 2013 – 3 bottles @ £9.75 each (bought by Charles Joslin, 18/5)

Monday Wine Offer – Rosé for Summer (8 May)

  1. Jean Leon Pinot Noir Rosé 2015/16 (Penedes) £47.16 (2)
  2. Torres Vina Esmeralda Rosé 2016 (Catalunya) £34.29 (1)
  3. Torres De Casta Rosado 2015 Catalunya) £36.42
  4. Torres Vina Sol Rosé 2015 (Catalunya) £34.29
  5. Torres Natureo Rosé 2015 (Spain) 25.71
  6. Torres Santa Digna Rosé 2015 (Chile) 36.42 (9)
  7. Barone Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2015 (Tuscany) 47.16
  8. E. Guiugal Cotes du Rhone Rosé 2015 (Rhone) 51.45 (1)
  9. De Ladoucette – Villa Vallombrosa Les Terrases Rosé 2015 (Provence) 85.77
  10. De Ladoucette – Villa Vallombrosa Grand Vin Rosé 2015 (Provence) 120.09

The wines are in cases of six. The Santa Digna Rosé is from Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty good. The others in bold type should be exiting but please read producer’s technical data and compare prices with Winesearcher.

Monday Wine Offer (1 May) – Hugel

  1. Gentil 2015 £55.74 per case of 6 (3)
  2. Pinot Blanc 2014  £57.87 per case of 6
  3. Limited Edition 2009 Mixed Anniversary Case £194.69


The Limited Edition 2009 Mixed Anniversary Case contains:

  • 1 x 75cl Riesling JUBILEE 2009
  • 1 x 75cl Pinot Gris JUBILEE 2009
  • 1 x 75cl Gewurztraminer JUBILEE 2009
  • 1 x 75cl Riesling VENDANGE TARDIVE 2009
  • 1 x 75cl Pinot Gris VENDANGE TARDIVE 2009
  • 1 x 75cl Gewurztraminer VENDANGE TARDIVE 2009

Before you order, it is best to read the producer’s data sheet and check market prices using Winesearcher


April 2017

Burgundy wine offer (24 April)

  • Limited availability of great Burgundy fine wines from winemaker’s cellar right to your doorstep!
  • 24 bottles representing 8 selections: 6 reds, 2 whites
  • Only 799 dollars for all wines AND cellar to door delivery. First come, first served. Immediate delivery, weather permitting
  • Payment by Credit Card or Paypal.


Red wine (3 bottles of each)

  1. BOURGOGNE “La Croix Blanche” 2014 – Domaine A&B Rion
  2. LADOIX 2014 – Domaine Chevalier
  3. MARANGES 1er Cru « La Fussière » 2015 – Domaine Demangeot
  4. GIVRY 1er Cru « Bois Gautiers » 2014 – Domaine Besson
  5. MERCUREY 1er Cru « Les Crêts » 2014 – Domaine De Suremain
  6. LADOIX 1er Cru « La Micaude » 2014 – Domaine Capitain-Gagnerot

White wine (3 bottles of each)

  1. COTES de NUITS VILLAGES « les Monts de Boncourt » 2014 – Domaine Dubois
  2. MARSANNAY « Les Vignes Marie » 2014 – Domaine du Vieux College


  • BOURGOGNE “La Croix Blanche” 2014 – Domaine A&B Rion: Alice Rion’s domaine in Vosne-Romanée puts out top notch village and premier cru appellations, but this wine from her vines just east of the RN74 is a delicious example of regional classification quality. Reddish garnet in the glass, the nose with a bit of aeration might elicit light wild strawberry or ephemeral spicy notes. On the palate, textured strawberry and other red fruits flirt with a lively freshness. Approachable, pleasant, and the type of wine deserving of friendly, uncomplicated pairings like charcuterie, twice- baked potatoes, or even a lunchtime BLT sandwich. Drink now through 2021.
  • LADOIX 2014 – Domaine Chevalier: Sisters Anais, Julie and Chloé Chevalier lead their family domain where the wines tend to reflect the cohesiveness of their collaboration. This effort from vineyards within their village appears light garnet with pink borders and surprises with a mixed nose of dried red berries and cedar box. The berries come out quite juicy on the palate while the whole experience remains light and harmonious, just what you’d expect of a quality pinot. A perfect everyday wine that could even go well with veggie dishes like roasted eggplant or grilled Portobello mushrooms. Drink now through 2021.
  • MARANGES 1er Cru « La Fussière » 2015 – Domaine Demangeot: Voilà Jean-Luc. Zoom in on his hands and you’ll recognize a salt-of-the-earth winegrower. This 2015 1er Cru originating from the sleeper appellation of Maranges was delicately vinified, aged, and went into bottle in August. It is surprisingly open at such an early stage. Garnet in the glass, a bit of aeration liberates gentle aromas of red fruits and spice. A supple attack of ripe raspberry gives way to a gently structured nectar where the tannins are numerous and velvety. Approachable now by pairing with skillet-cooked white meats but don’t forget the veggies! Wonderful through 2025.
  • GIVRY 1er Cru « Bois Gautiers » 2014 – Domaine Besson: Xavier & Guillemette, along with their son work 8.5 Ha of vines in Givry, and this wine from one of their four 1er Cru vineyards is stunning. Totally replanted in 2009, the vines are young but the fruit presents itself with amazing maturity. Steady garnet in color, the 1st nose entices with spices and smoke while the second evokes savory and meaty aromas. Red fruits expose their tender ripeness on the palate that seem to just melt in your mouth. Devine. A smooth finish should really let you appreciate that next bite of magret de canard. Enjoy now through 2025.
  • MERCUREY 1er Cru « Les Crêts » 2014 – Domaine De Suremain: Yves and Loic’s non-interventionist philosophy shows up in the fruits of theirlabor, often to accolades. This effort from their south-facing premier Cru Les Crêts vineyard is a prime example. Deep garnet in the glass, the nose oscillates between fruit and savory smells. But once on the palate, the explosion of ripe cherry and strawberry almost hints to an aspect of sweetness in this dry red wine. Amazing. A lamb tagine or braised red meat stew (think beef bourguignon) will do justice as pairings. Enjoy now through 2027.
  • LADOIX 1er Cru « La Micaude » 2014 – Domaine Capitain-Gagnerot
    Pierre-Francois Capitain’s family domaine has a jewel in its holdings called “La Micaude”. The domaine is the sole owner of this premier cru classified vineyard, a real rarity in Burgundy. A gorgeous red ruby color in glass, aeration leads to an enticing nose of baked fruit wrapped in cool mint. A crescendo of fruit develops on the palate where cherry predominates, and then the finish just seems to go on forever.
    Pair with a venison filet and autumn vegetables or your favorite cows milk cheese. Open after summer 2017 and enjoy through 2030, real aging potential.
  • COTES de NUITS VILLAGES « les Monts de Boncourt » 2014 – Domaine Dubois: Brother and sister Raphael and Beatrice bring the yin and yang on this delightful white wine coming exclusively from their vineyard holdings. The first nose entices with dried nuts while aeration brings on the white fruit. A supple attack, and then you’re treated to the pleasantness of an almost perfectly balanced wine featuring notes of lemon curd on the palate. A gentle, slightly creamy finish is just the thing to pair with sautéed flakey white fish or softer white meats. Instant pleasure, drink now through 2019
  • MARSANNAY « Les Vignes Marie » 2014 – Domaine du Vieux College: Eric Guyard practices organic viticulture where the wines typically achieve a purity of expression and this white is a great example. Pale gold in the glass, the nose draws you in with its floral quality. The attack is fresh, almost vibrant, but then a caressing body leads to soft ripe fruits. The finish is succulent with appreciable length. Approachable now, but make sure it has a dancing partner (food). Enjoy it paired with a soft-shell crab with béarnaise sauce or your favorite pasta à la carbonara. Can easily last through 2022. Standard serving temperatures: whites 54-56 degrees, reds 62-64 degrees


A Six Bottle Case of Graham’s Tawny Ports – Special Offer

Current trade price £244.53 (Offer price £191.67)

  • 2 bottles of Graham’s 10 yo
  • 2 bottles of Graham’s 20 yo
  • 1 bottle of Graham’s 30 yo
  • 1 bottle of Graham’s 40 yo

(Members will note that this case was offered in September 2016 at £165.87. Post Brexit & Budget, there is an increase of 15.55%)

Tio Pepe En Rama 2017

“On 4th to 6th April Antonio Flores, our head winemaker in Jerez, made the selection and ‘saca’ from the best casks of Fino in the Bodegas Constancia and Rebollo for this, 8th edition of Tio Pepe En Rama. The wine is left in tank for ten days before being racked off its fine lees and bottled without filtration or clarification.

Antonio Flores says that this year’s Tio Pepe En Rama is creamy in texture and has crystalline depth of flavour and he declares that this 8th bottling will be at least as good as the 2016 en rama. This is because of his painstaking classifications of all the casks and due to the fact that much of the Palomino must for Rebollo comes from an old vineyard in the Pago of Macharnudo Alto.

We have been listening to our customers who have told us the demand was slightly subdued in 2016 due to the ambitious price point. While it is a huge effort to reduce the price of any of our products in 2017 given on-going exchange rate pressures, we have reduced the price to reflect this concern and in the hope we can continue to attract new consumers to sherry through these special seasonal releases.

Tio Pepe En Rama 2017 edition – 6/75cl – £69.30

Tio Pepe En Rama 2017 edition – 12/375ml – £76.56

We are bottling Tio Pepe En Rama mid-April and it will be available in the UK for delivery w/c 8th May.”

Above is the press release from Gonzalez Byass UK received by the HMWS today (13th April). The Society would like to reserve stock as soon as possible if Sherry loving HMWS members are interested. The supplier’s minimum drop is 10 cases.

Orders: 3 cases

New Wine Offer – Manzanilla

  1. Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear – £53.74 per case of half bottles
  2. Barbadillo Manzanilla “Pastora” En Rama – 71.68 per case of half bottles

Orders: 1 case En Rama

An Offer From Armit Wines (1 April)

  1. Lagar de Cervera Albariño 2015, Galicia – £11.20 per bottle (Winesearcher £12.26 + £6.95 delivery)
  2. La Rioja Alta Viña Alberdi Reserva 2010, Rioja – £12.88 per bottle – (Winesearcher £14.50 + delivery)
  3. La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva 2009, Rioja – £15.88 per bottle – (Winesearcher £21.99)

(12 bottle cases). 4 cases of Vina Arana were purchased for 3 members

March 2017

Hugel 2014

If you are interested in purchasing Hugel wines of the 2014 vintage, the following wines (75 cl.) are already available to the Society:

  1. Hugel Classic Pinot Blanc 2014 –  (£62.81 per case of 6)
  2. Hugel Classic Riesling 2014 –  (78.93)
  3. Hugel Classic Pinot Gris 2014 –  (£78.93 per case of 6)

The following Large Format Wines are available in limited quantities:

  1. Hugel Classic Riesling 2014                      3×150 cl       £111.12       2 units available
  2. Hugel Jubilee Gewurztraminer 2014           3×150 cl      £182.15       3 units available

Large Format Wines

I have been offered a selection of large format wines. I think the Warwick Trilogy shown below is attractive and will be snapped up. More large format wines will follow.
1. Warwick Estate Trilogy 2011        4 x 150 cl.        £147.37 per case of 4          9 cases available
2. Warwick Estate Trilogy 2012        1 x 1200 cl.      £280.34 per case of 1          5 cases available
3. Warwick Estate Trilogy 2012        1 x 500 cl.        £124.49 per case of 1          6 available
4. Warwick Estate Trilogy 2012        4 x 150 cl.        £147.37 per case of 4          38 cases available


Special Offers From Fells

Fells have forwarded a selection of seasonal special offers which will last up to 20th April 2017. They are too many to list in detail. Some of them are shown below. If you are interested in any of these wines, please contact the HMWS for details and prices.

GRAHAM’S Quinta dos Malvedos 2004 Vintage Port

“One of the most exciting wines of 2016” – Decanter
  • Vintage Port Trophy: International Wine Challenge 2016
  • Quinta Vintage Port Trophy: International Wine Challenge 2015
  • Gold Medal Outstanding: International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015
  • Regional Trophy & Gold Medal: Decanter World Wine Awards 2013
On special offer to HMWS from Fells: £20.28 a bottle in cases of 6 (£121.68 a case)
(Winesearcher from £29)
  • “Heaps of prunes and black fruit enveloping the nose and palate. Sweetness mingles with spices in a swirling melange of complexity, supported by crisp acidity and structured tannins. This is truly delicious now but could age well for 10 years and more.”
    Christelle Guibert, Decanter Magazine, January 2017
  • “A tasty vintage port, this is concentrated, dense and spicy with a sweet, raisiny edge to the intense black-cherry and blackberry fruits. It’s just beginning to enter some mellow maturity and is the real deal.”
    Jamie Goode, The Sunday Express, 8th January 2017


A. Torres Chile

  1. Cordillera Brut Curicó Valley – £67.81 per case of 6 (Winesearcher from £83.74)
  2. Cordillera Sauvignon Blanc Elqui Valley – £58.45 per case of 6
  3. Cordillera Chardonnay Limarí Valley – £58.45 per case of 6 (from £71.93)
  4. Cordillera Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley – £65.45 per case of 6
  5. Cordillera Carmenere Curicó Valley – £65.45 per case of 6 (Winesearcher from £75.03)

B. William Fevre

  1. Sauvignon Saint Bris 2015 – £63.13 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £75.03)
  2. Petit Chablis 2014 – £70.16 per case of 6 (Winesearcher From £83.96)
  3. Chablis ND 2015 – £83.16 (Winesearcher £95.69)
  4. Chablis Grand Cru Bougros D 2014 – £215.85 per case of 6 (Winesearcher £360)

C. Douro DOC

  1. Altano White 2016 – £42 per case of 6 (Winesearcher from £62.40)
  2. Altano Organic Red 2015 – £44.41(Winesearcher from £64.80)
  3. Pombal do Vesuvio 2015 – £86.53(Winesearcher from £104.40)

D. Seifried Estate Special Mixed Case

  1. Gewurztraminer 2 bottles
  2. Gruner Veltliner 2 bottles
  3. Riesling 2 bottles

E. Barbadillo Sherry Mixed or unmixed cases 

F. Blandy’s Madeira mixed of unmixed cases

G. Graham’s Tawny Ports mixed or unmixed cases

Chakana Special Case Prices for World Malbec Day On 17 April 2017


Cases contain six bottles.

Orders so far: 5 cases ordered on 27 March

Vergelegen Special Mixed Case



    The case costs £87. Order will be sent to the supplier on Thursday 23rd March 

    Orders so far: 6 cases ordered on 27 March

Two New Torres Wines

  1. Jean Leon Vinya Palau Merlot 2009 Penedes, Spain (£88 per case of 6)
  2. Purgatori 2013 Costers del Segre, Spain (£84.36 per case of 6)

The above wines are available in very limited quantity. The Chancellor’s new duty increases come in to effect if orders are placed after 1st April. See Jamie Goode’s tasting notes in yesterday’s Hedonist.

January 2017

Stonecroft, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, organic

This was the first winery to be established in the now world-renowned Gimblett Gravels and was the first winery to plant Syrah in New Zealand, boasting the oldest vines in the country. Stonecroft was then, and is still now, a pioneer of quality. They produce three Syrahs; Crofter’s Syrah (£12.34), Serine Syrah (£16.00), and Reserve Syrah (£30.28). These are elegant, perfumed, peppery wines with pure raspberry fruit, a supple structure and beautiful freshness, very much in the mould of the Northern Rhone. They also produce a beautiful, rich Bordeaux blend called Ruhanui (£15.76) and a crisp, fruit driven Sauvignon Blanc (£11.20).