Autumn In The Rheingau – 2018


A week in the vineyards of the Rheingau, Mosel, Nahe and Rheinhessen in September 2018 for members of the HMWS, arranged and led by Peter Hofman & Bernard Dias



  • Dates: Sunday 23rd to Sunday 30th September 2018
  • Travel: Manchester / Frankfurt flight on Sunday afternoon and private coach for all travels in Germany seems to be the best option. (Cheapest return is £175. The most comfortable flight appears be with Lufthansa – Manchester/Frankfurt 11.35/14.15 and Frankfurt/Manchester 16.50/17/35 at £256). However, members are free to drive (Hull/Rotterdam overnight crossing and driving via Cologne) or take the train (Eurostar from London) to Assmanshausen on their own and join the group there
  • Base In Germany: will be Hotel Zwei Mohren in Assmannshausen. 6 double rooms and 4 single rooms have been reserved and can be increased if necessary
  • Projected Cost: The estimated cost is £750 pp twin sharing. The single supplement is £155. The cost is only a rough estimate at this stage and is based on current exchange rates. The cost includes B&B accommodation for 7 nights, all coach travel in Germany, tasting lunches, a Rhine Cruise with lunch and Peter Hofman’s expenses. Air travel, transfers in the UK, travel insurance, welcome dinner on Day 1 and Gala Farewell Dinner on Day 7 and meals other than those stated are excluded
  • Maximum Group Size: is 20 but the trip will be viable with 15. Members who wish to make a reservation should submit a completed booking form (available from the Society) with a £250 deposit pp.
  • Potential winery visits:
    1. Kesselstatt, Mosel
    2. Gut Hermannsberg, Nahe
    3. Spreitzer, Rheingau
    4. Josef Leitz, Rheingau
    5. Dr. Dahlem, Rheinhessen
    6. Dr. Burklin-Wolf, Pfalz

(Please Note: Peter Hofman will, in due course, prepare a full itinerary with exact costs, which will be posted on the HMWS blog. Members interested in joining the tour will be expected to pay the 30% non-refundable deposit to secure their places. The balance will be payable 8 weeks before the start of the tour. Members MUST have travel insurance to join HMWS tours and in the event of cancellation, all funds paid to the HMWS will have to recovered from insurers)

 Reservations with £250 pp deposit

  1. Armstrong, John
  2. Bent, Gail
  3. Benson, Renna (Knaresborough)
  4. Buckley, Robert (Leeds)
  5. Buckley, Pauline (Leeds)
  6. Cameron, Stephen (Pick Hill)
  7. Cameron, Ann (Pick Hill)
  8. Coral, Tony (Surrey)
  9. Dias, Bernard (Harrogate)
  10. Dias, Ramani (Harrogate)
  11. Greenwood, Jane (Leeds)
  12. Kerr, Helen (Surrey)
  13. Lee, Tony (London)
  14. Murphy, Peter (Ackworth)
  15. Murphy, Carol (Ackworth)
  16. Shore, John (Harrogate)
  17. Shore, Pat (Harrogate)


  1. Lyles, J
  2. Stanier, T

How The Tour Evolves…

  • 21 September 2017: Peter Hofman offers to arrange & lead a wine tour to Germany. By 10 October, 17 members have registered interest
  • 25 September 2017: Peter wrote: “I very much hope we can arrange a visit to Germany next autumn. I shall be emailing Sandra at the hotel during the course of this week to check on room availability and I’ll let you know when I hear back from her. I envisage flying out to Frankfurt on a Sunday and returning the following Saturday. Potential winery visits: Kesselstatt, Gut Hermannsberg (Nahe), Spreitzer, Burklin-Wolf & Dahlem (Oppenheim)”
  • 10 October 2017: Peter Hofman contacted for dates & maximum group size
  • 12 October 2017: “Good to know you have some positive interest in a trip to Germany next autumn. It would be very useful to me to know roughly how many rooms you think we shall need, so that I can advise Sandra accordingly. An approximate idea of numbers will also be handy when talking to the various wineries and the coach company. Sandra has promised to come back to me with dates very shortly.” – Peter Hofman
  • 19 October: Peter Hofman wrote: “I have now heard from Sandra that the best week for us next year will be week commencing Sunday, 23rd September. I very much hope that will be O.K. for you. I have provisionally reserved 6 doubles & 4 singles. If you require any additional rooms, please let me know ASAP.” I have asked him for a rough estimate of costs
  • 20 October: Peter Hofman wrote:
    ” I’ll now confirm to Sandra that we shall be arriving on Sunday, 23rd September next year and departing on Saturday, 29th. There will be no problem in arranging both welcome & farewell dinners, as on previous occasions.
    I’ll come back to you next week on the subject of costs, although any figure I come up with will necessarily be something of an estimate at this stage. I shall also now work out a programme for us and then contact the coach company for a quotation. The potential wineries for visits are: Kesselstatt, Mosel, Gut Hermannsberg, Nahe, Spreitzer, Rheingau, Josef Leitz, Rheingau, Dr. Dahlem, Rheinhessen, Dr. Burklin-Wolf, Pfalz
  • 24 October: “I know you wish to have some idea of the costs of next September’s visit to the Rhineland. It is too early at this  to book appointments with the various wineries and I do not yet have a quotation from the coach company. However, based on previous experience and the costs for the group I took out to Germany in October last year, I can give you a pretty accurate estimate of the costs involved per head while we are in Germany. I shall be able to send you early in January details of our programme and exact prices for the winery visits & the coach. By then too you will presumably be able to book your flights.” –Peter Hofman
  • 26 October: “Thinking further about the size of our party for next year, I believe about 20 is ideal. Some of the wineries have difficulty in accommodating more than that number for sit-down tastings, which we shall certainly want. There is also the question of access to one or two places – where a large coach cannot go, a minibus often can. This becomes very relevant when visiting people like Gut Hermannsberg on the Nahe or Dr. Dahlem in Oppenheim.” – Peter Hofman
  • 13 December: “I was out in Germany a couple of weeks ago for the Christmas Market in Rudesheim. It was my first visit to this event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    I spoke to Sandra about our trip next year and arranged with her for us to have a set meal the evening you arrive and a special dinner on either the Thursday or Friday evening (depending on our programme). Do you know final numbers yet? Once we are into January I shall start to put the programme together and then to obtain a quote from the coach company. I shall of course keep you informed.” – Peter Hofman, Bristol
  • 2 January 2018: 
    I have this morning emailed Udo’s old coach company in Germany asking for a quotation for our travel requirements in September. I shall advise you as soon as I hear back from them.
    Just to clarify one or two points: at present I have reserved with Sandra 8 double rooms and 1 single for your group (excluding myself). Is that correct? Can you let me have in due course details of your flights, so that I can organize the coach accordingly? For the moment, I have advised a probable afternoon arrival at Frankfurt on Sunday, 23rd September & morning departure on Saturday, 29th. Is everybody in the group reasonably mobile & are there to your knowledge any vegetarians?
    I shall be putting our programme together over the next few weeks and have already emailed Kesselstatt accordingly.” – Peter Hofman


Information on German Wine Regions to be Visited…

  1. Mosel
  2. Nahe
  3. Pfalz
  4. Rheingau

Frankfurt to Assmanshausen

The distance is 60 km (1 hr.). From Eltville, the road runs close to the Rhine past Geisenheim with the famous wine institute and turns north towards Assmanshausen at Bingen where the river Nahe empties into the Rhine Gorge. Bingen forms the southern limit of the UNESCO Rhine Gorge World Heritage Site.

Things to see & Do In Assmanshausen 

  1. St Hildegard’s Abbey located in the vineyards above Rüdesheim. There is a bookshop, winery and craft centre and the views of the Rhine Valley are spectacular.
  2. Niederwald Monument is a 123ft sculpture which symbolizes the re-establishment of the German Kaiser Reich. The monument can be reached on foot, by car or by cable car from Assmanshausen or Rüdesheim. rudesheim-rhine
  3. The Drosselgasse lies in the heart of Rüdesheim’s Old Town and its wide range of bars and bistros are a popular meeting place for both locals and tourists alike. There is live entertainment from mid-morning until midnight.
  4. Brömser Castle. The former 10th century fortress was later converted into a castle and now holds the collections of the Rheingauer Wine Museum.
  5. Ehrenfels Castle is situated amongst the vineyards between Rüdesheim and Assmanshausen and are today recognised as the most beautiful and picturesque ruins on the Rhine.

Assmanshausen Wild Herb Trail

The 8km wild herb trail meanders through vineyards such as the famous Assmannshäuser Höllenberg, ancient stone walls, lightly wooded forest fringes and meadows that provide a habitat for profusion of species. The exceptionally mild climate of the Rhine valley offers favourable conditions for a rich variety of vegetation including herbs such as wild rocket, fennel or even French sorrel. Information boards along this clearly signposted trail help walkers to identify over 20 different wild herbs and proviede interesting background information about their histories, uses and properties. The stunning panoramic view over the village and the Rhine valley transform this walk into an unforgettable natural experience. The gradients are categorised from easy to intermediate. The Kräuterwind restaurants in Assmannshausen are the perfect Destination at the end of a day´s walk and serve dishes seasoned with aromatic herbs, local wines and regional specialities.



Booking Conditions and General Information

  • Joining Tours: Only Members of the HMWS are accepted on tours. HMWS reserves the right to refuse any booking from a Member whom HMWS considers unfit or unsuitable for the type of travel to be undertaken.
  • Liability: HMWS is not a tour operator or a travel agent and does not have membership of ABTA or similar organisations. The tours are arranged in good faith at Members’ request and the HMWS and the person or persons nominated to act as tour leaders do not accept responsibility for financial loss, death, injury or illness before or during tours.
  • Is it the right tour for you?: Members should study the itinerary carefully before booking a tour to make sure that they are fit enough to undertake the activities listed.
  • Payments & Cancellation: A 30% non-refundable deposit is payable at reservation. Balance payment should be made 8 weeks before departure. If the Society cancels the tour, a full refund will be made. No refund will be made if cancellation is made by members.
  • Changes to Itinerary: HMWS reserves the right to make changes to the tour arrangements including flights, accommodation, transport or services.
  • Refunds: No refund will be made for any unused hotel accommodation, service or transport.
  • Insurance: It is compulsory that every traveller is adequately insured against personal accident and medical expenses. Members must send the HMWS details of their travel insurance policy. It is Members’ responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered by insurance.
  • Documents: You must ensure that all your travel documents, full passport, visas and vaccination certificates if applicable, currency and travellers cheques are in order.
  • Identity: The name on your airline tickets should be the name that appears on your full passport.
  • Dietary Requirements: Whilst every effort will be made to meet requests for special diets and disabled facilities, they cannot be guaranteed.
  • Dress code & conduct: It is incumbent upon Members to dress in a manner befitting the occasion and conduct themselves in a responsible, restrained and sober manner when dealing with local wine suppliers and representatives, with local authorities and fellow travellers.
  • Wine Tastings: Members should have every opportunity to listen & learn during wine tastings and private conversations should be avoided during such events. Members should be allowed to freely assess the quality and potential of the wines being tasted without undue influence, and therefore, opinions should be expressed only after the event and not during.

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