Azores – The Other Eden


“For in-the-know travellers, the Azores have long represented a beckoning blip on the radar of possible destinations. Recognition from Unesco and other organisations has helped that blip to pulse more brightly over the years. But most people still know little, if anything, about this far-flung archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic. And yet it is hard to imagine a place better suited to nature lovers, fans of adventure sports, or anyone looking for a beacon of sustainability. As if that wasn’t tantalising enough, there is a new reason to visit this autonomous region of Portugal: restrictions on air routes to the Azores recently eased, which means more carriers, more choice and cheaper fares for travellers trying to reach this other Eden.” – Lonely Planet



Day 1: Saturday 6 June – London to São Miguel 

  • Flight from Gatwick Airport with Azores Airlines to Sao Miguel island in the Azores
  • Arrival in São Miguel Island. Melo Travel’s Assistance at the airport for arrival/transfer
  •  Overnight Hotel Talisman (4*) in Ponta Delgada

Day 2: Sunday 7 June – São Miguel, Full Day Birdwatching 


  • Azores islands are well known as an excellent destination for birdwatching. Here, you can find two of Europe’s rarest birds: The Azores Bullfinch (Pyrrhula murina), endemic to a small area of São Miguel Island and the Mosteiro’s storm petrel (Oceanodroma monteiroi), breeding on the two islets south of Graciosa Island. Other species well deserving a trip are the Atlantic Canary (Serinus canaria) – an exclusive species from Macaronesia, as well as several subspecies such as the Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs moreletti), the São Miguel Goldcrest, Regulus. The birdwatching program is done by a small company specialized in birding and wildlife tours which is comfortable working with a curious observer as well as accompanying experienced ornithologists.The birding tours are always a full day and include a picnic lunch

Day 3: Monday 8 June – São Miguel, Full Day In Furnas 

  • Departure along the south road passing the village of Lagoa and the viewpoint of Caloura.
  • Stop at Vila Franca (first capital of the island) for historical visit and coffee break
  • Arrival at the valley of Furnas, visit to the lake, hot springs and surrounding holes where meals are cooked by underground vapors
  • After lunch visit to the botanical garden (possibility to swim in a natural hot water swimming pool), and mineral water springs
  • Crossing to the north coast, stop at the tea plantation on the way
  • Stop at Santa Iria viewpoint
  • Return to Ponta Delgada

Day 4: Tuesday 9 June –  São Miguel 

Day 5: Wednesday 10 June – São Miguel, Full Day Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo 

The twin green and blue crater lakes of Setes Citades are one of the Azores' best-known sights © James Kay / Lonely Planet

  • Departure from Ponta Delgada to Fajã de Baixo to visit the pineapple plantations, where the pineapples are grown in hot houses that create a perfect environment with the appropriate temperature for the plants to grow
  • The journey goes on to the viewpoint “Vista do Rei”
  • Descent to the valley of Sete Cidades on the crater ground, passing by the green and blue lakes. Continue by the “Carvão” lake
  • Stop for lunch at a local restaurant
  • The trip follows to Ribeira Grande for a short stop at the town. Continue in direction of “Lagoa do Fogo”. Before arriving to the top of the mountain, short stop at Caldeira Velha. Stop to admire the magnificent view of the “Lagoa do Fogo” (Fire Lake), the one lake in the island in which you encounter nature in a pure state and view of the island at an altitude of 900m
  • Return to Ponta Delgada.

Day 6: Thursday 11 June – São Miguel / Faial 

The two-and-a-half-hour hike around the rim of Faial's caldera is one of many spectacular routes for walkers © James Kay / Lonely Planet

  • Transfers to airport.
  • Inter-Island flight to Faial – 50 minutes.
  • Transfer from Horta Airport to Hotel do Canal (4*)

Day 7: Friday 12 June – Faial, Full day Jeep Tour of Faial 

Get to know Faial in a different and exciting way. In our 4X4, 7 seat vehicle, enjoy an unforgettable ride through the islands’ best trails, looking for land roads, avoiding the asphalt. Among trees and pastures, overlooking the blue sea in the horizon, you’ll find places and landscapes of rare beauty, enjoying unique moments. Getting in touch with nature is without a doubt, one of those moments. Join this adventure with Hortacetáceos and you’ll never forget a different Faial. The tour includes Guide/Driver.

Day 8: Saturday 13 June – Faial 

Day 9: Sunday 14 June – Faial / Pico 

  • Transfer to Harbour.
  • Boat trip to Madalena (30 Minutes)
  • Transfer from Harbour in Pico to Accommodation.Villa Madalena.

Day 10: Monday 15 June – Pico, Guided Walking Tour of Vinhas da Criação Velha.

This trail begins at Porto do Calhau, ends at Areia Larga and takes about 2 hours. This trail goes between the vines until a windmill, a viewpoint from which you get a wide view of the vineyards. You can also get a good view of the small islands from this trail, the “standing and horizontal” islands as they are called, or the islands of Madalena. After leaving the vineyard area you will be close to the sea once again and the trail goes on until it ends in Areia Larga.

Day 11: Tuesday 16 June – Pico, Full Day Jeep Tour of Pico.

  • Pick up at the hotel,
  • Visit to the Wine Museum in Madalena.  Protected landscapes of the vineyard culture of Pico Island, world heritage by UNESCO

– Cais Mourato, Cachorro, Lajido Sta Luzia, Arcos and Cabrito, with liquor tasting in a typical cellar.

  • Lunch at São Roque do Pico. Capitain’s Lake as well as other lakes on Pico Island, Lajes do Pico and the Whaler’s Museum, return to Madalena on the south side (Porto S. Caetano, Guindaste). Porto do Calhau, Pocinho and Criação Velha.

Day 12: Wednesday 17 June – Pico

Free day. Suggestion: Visit the Wine Cellar “A Buraca” & Wine cooperative of Madalena.

Day 13: Thursday 18 June – Pico / São Miguel

  • Transfers to airport.
  • Inter-Island flight 50 minutes.
  • Transfer from Ponta Delgada Airport to Hotel. Accommodation Hotel talisman.

Day 14: Friday 19 June – São Miguel 

Free day.

Day 15: Saturday 20 June – São Miguel / London 

Transfer to Airport.


Booking Details 



  • 09 / 14 Jun – Hotel Talisman       ( 01 Double Standard with Breakfast )
  • 14 / 17 Jun – Hotel do Canal       ( 01 Double Standard With Breakfast )
  • 17 / 21 Jun – Villa Madalena       ( 01 Double Standard With Breakfast )
  • 21 / 23 Jun – Hotel Talisman       ( 01 Double Standard With Breakfast )

Transfers – In all island according our program.

Ferry: 17 Jun – Horta / Madalena (11h00 / 11h30)

Excursions & Activities:

  • 10 Jun – Full Day Birdwatching with Picnic included
  • 11 Jun – Full Day Furnas with lunch included (Tipical food – Cozido)
  • 13 Jun – Full Dau Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo with lunch included
  • 15 Jun – FD Jeep Tour Faial with Lunch Included
  • 18 Jun – Guided Walk Tour Vinhas da criação Velha
  • 19 Jun – Full day Pico with Lunch included

Flights tickets:

  • 09JUN TP  341  LGWLIS HS2  1625   1905
  • 09JUN 1865  LISPDL HS2  2230   2355
  • 14JUN SP 576 PDLHOR 1030 1130
  • 21JUN SP 435 PIXPDL 1810 1900
  • 23JUN TP 1864  PDLLIS HS2  0700   1010
  • 23JUN TP  342   LISLGW HS2  1255   1535

Price: Euros 2074.00 pp twin sharing

The price includes:

  • Accommodation standard with Breakfast ( Hotel Talisman + Hotel do Canal + Villa Madalena )
  • Arrival & Departure Transfer in all island
  • Internal Flight tickets
  • Excursions according our program
  • Boat Tickets from Horta to Madalena

Not included: Services not mentioned in our program.

(Please note that not reservation were made, so we cann’t guarantee any availability. All prices can change due the availability on the booking moment.)


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Updated 9 March 2020