France 2010

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The first HMWS Tasting of 2014 brought back happy memories of past wine tours to the Loire, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, the Rhône and Burgundy proper.

The evening began with sparkling wine, smoked salmon and pâté canapés and a toast to “HMWS, Bernard and Ramani Dias”. A short slide presentation was followed by wines pulled together from around France, giving a flavour of the first vintage following the great year of 2009.

Members present enjoyed the get-together and assessed each wine for quality and value for money. The consensus chose Guigal’s Côte du Rhône as the best; the white Loires for interest; and the Bordeaux, Château Canada for value as a claret showing 2010’s “backbone and grip”.    Romorantin, peculiar to mid-Loire and unfamiliar to most of us, met with approval. The first Beaujolais was disappointing, as probably oxidised, but a second bottle was an acceptable village wine. Jadot’s Exhibition Monthélie, Burgundy was too lightweight to compete and considered overpriced.

Rhiannon and Ann, two ‘Birthday Girls’, won the raffle each taking home a bottle of ‘France 2010’.

A vote of thanks went to Gwynneth for the raffle, and to Alisdair and Elma for their hospitality.     Our personal thanks to everyone who lent a hand.

– Drs. Elma and Alisdair Stewart


  1. “…It was an excellent tasting and a good way of sampling a spread of French wines from the different areas, as supplied by the Wine Society…” – Prof. Charles Joslin, Harrogate
  2. Another excellent wine tasting at Alisdair and Elmas last night and a big thank you to both of them for an extremely informative and pleasurable night .The slide show definitely increased our desire to see more of the vineyards of France .
    A couple of the wines were not to our taste but the Cotes du Rhone was excellent and the thoughtful “nibbles” complemented the wines beautifully. – Pat Shore, Harrogate

(The tasting was held on Thursday 30 January 2014 at 4, Margaret Road, Harrogate and was hosted and presented by Drs. Alisdair & Elma Stewart. Images by Dr. Elma Stewart)

Tasting List:   

  1. MUSCADET, Chéreau – Carré, LOIRE             £7.95
  2. ROMORANTIN, Cour – Cheverny, LOIRE        £8.95
  3. BEAUJOLAIS,  Perreon,  BURGUNDY            £7.50
  4. CHATEAU CANADA,  BORDEAUX                  £7.50
  5. COTES – du – RHONE, Guigal, RHONE          £9.50
  6. MONTHÉLIE, Jadot, BURGUNDY                   £17.50


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