Cambados Albarino Festival



After our efforts walking to Santiago we then transferred to Cambados on the Galician coast to relax with some wine tasting at the Albariño festival they hold there every year.


The festival dominates the town with two stages erected in squares with groups playing well into the night, and restaurants and bars open all hours with a delicious array of seafood specialities and of course Albariño wines.
The main public tasting area is a street of 40 to 50 stands, each from a separate producer, set up in the shade under the palm trees along the promenade directly in front of the Parador hotel. There is also a private tasting and judging held in the cool, peace and quiet of the Parador on the Saturday morning but only judges are invited to that!
Whilst for some it is a serious affair for most of the those that come it is fiesta time. A time to enjoy wine and food with family and good friends. Barrels are used as tables, wine bought from the stands and a feast brought from home spread out for all to share.


A home made empanada (a sort of giant pastie).

In amongst the crowds are groups of performers in local dress playing local music on local instruments which in this part means bagpipes.


image4-3They were not as bad as their name suggests!

Wines are bought by the bottle or glass, drunk for enjoyment or to judge its quality. Whilst the vast majority is Albariño there was I believe 2 red wines, although I never did find them. They are also trying different techniques with their Albariño such as ageing in oak, or making sparkling wine in a similar way to Cava and Champagne. We found this example to be good drinking, or maybe it was because Renna liked the cat!

Obviously judging means prizes and presentations and that in Spain means dressing up and parading. Here is Renna with some friends:

Obviously judging means prizes and presentations and that in Spain means dressing up and parading. Here is Renna with some friends:

For those interested the winning wines were:
1) Lagar da Costa
2) Gotas de Agua
3) Paco Lola

The festival would not be complete without mentioning the food, which in this area means seafood in all its many varieties and with all its tenticles.
The Navajas (razor clams) were superb, and the chiparones (baby squid) succulent and tender.

The festival is now over and we are about to return home. It is a bit cliched but to sign off here is a Cambados sunset.


  • Click here to read more about the Cambados Albarino Festival
  • Lagar da Costa Albarino is Available in the UK from The Wine Society
  • Click here to read about the Lagar da Costa winery

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