Daily Newsletter of the Harrogate Medical Wine Society. 




“To enhance your understanding & appreciation of fine wine”

Meerlust: A tasting of Meerlust Estate wines on Thursday 6 July 2017 at the Harrogate Masonic Hall, presented by Bernard Dias. Tickets £30 pp (guests £35) inclusive of a two course supper. A £10 non-refundable deposit is payable at time of reservation. (5 places left of 30)

  • Summer Lunch: Sunday 6 August 2017 at the Pannal Golf Club. Tickets £60 pp. A £20, non-refundable deposit is payable at time of reservation(5 places left. Total 30)

Autumn Dinner: Saturday 4 November 2017. (16 interested)


Current Wine Offers

  • See Wine Offers 2017 – Seifried, Warwick, Temata, Chakana, Rosé For Summer, HUGEL wines



(A Root Day)

Yesterday In The HMWS

  • Mike Ratcliffe wrote about the release of Warwick Estate White Lady Chardonnay 2016. I asked Fells about availability and they responded: “Not at the moment, I am afraid – Bernard! Apologies”
  • Enotria&Coe telephoned to inform that the case of Quinta do Crasto White Superior 2015 for the June tasting will be delivered on Tuesday

Members’ Credit Account

A significant number of HMWS members still use personal cheques to make payments to the Society. This is slow and cumbersome and results in a considerable amount of extra work for all concerned. BACS remains the preferred method of payment but if you you are reluctant to use it, you may wish to consider one of the following.

  1. Payment from the HMWS Members’ Credit Account: This is as good as BACS payments and many members have been using this system for several years and is highly recommended. For security reasons, I asked members who are using the account to provide me with a code name for their account but so far, only one has done that. A member recently expressed valid concerns about how the Data Protection Regulations would affect the Society but registration is cumbersome for a small private group like ours. As a further security measure, the HMWS CREDIT PAGE is now password protected and members who already have accounts have been provided with the password.
  2. Making payment in to the HMWS account by personal cheque at banks.
  3. Cash payments – not ideal but workable.

Reduced To Clear

Three surplus Quinta do Crasto wines are reduced to clear. Click here to see the offer


HMWS MEMBERSHIP: “We were out on a Mercer Gallery Friends trip yesterday and I was talking to a new member and we got on to the subject of wine! The long and short of it is that he is keen to join the Medical wine society. He lives partly up here (has an apartment) on Ripon Road and has belonged to a wine society for over 20 years down south and would welcome a change. He is serious about wine. I wondered if you could have a chat to him. His name is Steven Goldsmith his wife is called Julie tel number is, 550260. Maybe he could be invited to the next tasting which I think is the Meerlust one. He said he would try to coincide his visits with the tastings as he still has commitments in the south.” – Ann Joslin, Harrogate

Worth Reading…


Yesterday In The HMWS

  • £512.91 paid to Enotria&Coe for Quinta do Crasto wines for the June tasting. It is hoped that the Society will be able to sell the surplus 12 bottles of wine – 4 white, 4 red and 4 Port
  • A member paid in £600 to the HMWS Credit account
  • 13 members have registered interest in a Wines of Brazil tasting. Discussions are on going with Go Brazil for a tasting in September. The date, wines, cost, speakers expenses etc need to be sorted out. (See letters)
  • 10 cases of wine were ordered from Fells on behalf of 5 members. Wines were delivered today
  • This month’s Chakana Tasting showed a surplus of £60.76, mainly as a result of surplus wine sales


“I would be delighted to present a Tutored Tasting of Brazilian Wines to you and your colleagues at Harrogate MWS. Most of our wines fall in the £9-20 /bottle range, with an average of around £15. At our very top end we have also have a small number at £25-50 / bottle. The choice is entirely yours, but generally I would suggest a fizz to start ( Trad or Charmat ), followed by 2/3 whites and 4/5 reds, and perhaps a sweet sparkler to finish. Brazil plants 3x more red than white, so necessarily more options for the former. Assuming 2 bottles are required of each wine, then an 8 bottle tasting based on £15/bottle average is likely to be in the region of £ 240. I would also request an allowance towards my preparation & travel expenses ( from Suffolk ), so approx. £ 75.00, making total +/- £ 315.00  ( all including VAT ). Please note that I do not charge a speaker fee. I would supply tasting notes, maps, banner, etc., and Powerpoint presentation if desired. With regard to possible dates:  could I ask you to put forward some days when you hold your meetings and I will reply accordingly. I do know however that I will definitely be in North Yorkshire on October 31/Nov 1st, on the way back from Scotland, so if by any chance either of those dates coincide, that would be ideal! Looking forward to hearing from you.” – Nicholas (Corfe), Go Brazil

I have suggested Thursday 8th September – BD

“We have recently updated a number of our Fine Wine offers. For ease of reference, I  have attached these as PDFs to this email. (Te Mata, Torbreck, Tyrrell’s, Verité, Fevre, Anniversary Vintages, BPF, Hartford/Hartford Court, Lokoya & Cardinale. I hope that the attached may be of interest and use to you.” – Chris Mooney, Fells

Details available on request. – BD

I went online to remind myself of the map of Lyon, amongst other things, and found these two articles, which may be of interest.
From 2017:
– Jane Trewhella, Otley
Jane has provided articles on where to eat in Lyon. It would be of interest to members on the autumn Rhone/Champagne tour – BD


Yesterday In The HMWS

  • Dirk Niepoort and his UK agent Raymond Reynolds contacted re proposed tasting in Harrogate. Raymond Reynolds’ office responded:

“Raymond is away from the office until Thursday and I will make sure he received your mail and I am sure he will respond as soon as he is able.” – Jackie Mundy, Raymond Reynolds Wines

  • Crasto wines for the June tasting arrived except the white which will be delivered on Friday
  • Champagne Tour: Two more members brought in euro payments for the tour. Only 5 more to go! All 4 tables on the coach are now allocated
  • A new member from Huddersfield collected the Hugel wines she ordered from the Society
  • Pannal Golf Club catering invoice for the Chakana Tasting (£478.80) arrived and was settled
  • 11 members are interested in a tasting of wines of Brazil. Peter Murphy (Ackworth) wrote:

“Having read the Brazilian wine information, we would be really interested in trying Brazilian wines. If there is not enough interest from others to do a tasting in Harrogate, perhaps we could host a tasting here in Ackworth. (Plus lunch 16 max) Brazil is another South American country we would like to visit.”

Rob Buckley (Leeds) wrote: “Can’t pretend to know anything about Brazilian wines – which seems a good reason to put myself forward as someone who would be interested in such a tasting.”

  • 2 members ordered 4 cases of Seifried Sauvignon Blanc. Dr. Tony Coral (London) wrote:

“I know SB has become a bit hackneyed, but it still satisfies as an aperitif in the sun and this is an amazing wine for £9.50. Thank you for obtaining it.”

  • Fells have added Pellegrino from Sicily to their portfolio. It may be possible to offer these to members in the future. Chris Mooney wrote:

“Please find attached a summary of your Nett Pricing for our new range of products from Pellegrino, Marsalas and some interesting Sicilian Table Wines. I look forward to discussing, and tasting these with you before long.”

  • Pat & John Shore wrote from Canada: “Greetings from Canada. Reading Hedonist and sensible arrangements re wine orders and collection.”


simple Ula” (USA) has just started following the HMWS blog. Great posts worth seeing from simple Ula:


Yesterday In The HMWS

  • New protocol for ordering & collecting wine introduced
  • Warwick & Temata feature in the Monday Wine Offer. Orders for 8 cases were received
  • Menu ideas for the July Meerlust tasting arrived from Adam Vear. The chosen menu is posted on the Meerlust Blog Page(Fish ordered for two non-meat eaters)
  • Order confirmation for Quinta do Crasto wines arrived
  • Two more members make euro/sterling payments for the Autumn Champagne Tour
  • Fells 2017 Anniversary Fortified Wines Vintages Offer arrived. Details on request
  • Go Brazil offer a tutored tasting of wines of Brazil. More information requested. See letter below



“All wine invoices paid up in full in keeping with your new tighter financial measures. It’s a good idea as is your new collection rules. I know how much of an imposition it must be to have people turning up randomly to pick up wine! Book me in for this Friday morning 10am for pick up of this order.” – Dr. Phil O’Conner, Harrogate

“I ave digested the rules, which are eminently sensible.” – Dr. Tony Coral, London

“All noted.  I’m so sorry to hear that you’re unable to visit the London Wine Fair this year.  It must be frustrating for you – let’s hope that there are some good blogs and articles from it, though.” – Jane Trewhella, Otley

“I would like to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm that you put into HMWS – it is much appreciated.” – Dr. Ashley Guthrie, Harrogate


“Here at Go Brazil we have been working hard for more than seven years to raise the awareness of Brazilian wine, and continue to be the only specialist UK importer to do so. Nonetheless, despite the welcome boost provided by the FIFA World Cup and Rio Olympics, for many here the wines of Brazil remain something of a novelty. Our strategy has been to introduce wines which are genuinely different from the mainstream, that stand out for the right reasons and which have an interesting story to tell. Earlier this year, for example, we launched a range from a winery called ‘Don Guerino’, a small family producer from northeast Italy whose arrival in Brazil dates back to 1879 and whose current winemaker studied in Mendoza. Their single varietal Teroldego – a grape native to their original homeland – has been very well received in the UK. Although active in the independent trade, Go Brazil is focusing increasingly on presenting our wines directly to the public.  Whether at wine fairs ( see list below ), wine societies or wine schools, we are finding an open-minded and appreciative audience who are readily willing to try something ‘new’. If you and your Society would be interested in a Brazilian tasting, tutored or otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you.” – Nicholas Corfe, Commercial Director, Go Brazil Wines & Spirits (UK) Ltd, Ipswich

  • A tasting could be arranged if 30 members are interested. Please let me know. – BD


“The Old Coach Road by Seifreid is much enjoyed here with fresh asparagus etc on a sunny patio. Is there a chance that the society might buy some more because I would take a 18 bottles at least?” – Dr. Tony Coral, London

  • Seifried Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc 2016 is available at £55.60 per case of 6. – BD


Monday Wine Offer – Warwick & Temata

Click here to see it.

Ordering & Collecting Wine 

It has become necessary to introduce changes to the way members order and collect wine from the Society:

  • From today onwards, full payment must accompany all wine orders. Orders will be processed only after payment has been received by the Society. BACS remains the payment method of choice and the Society needs to be informed by e-mail when payment is made
  • Please note that the “Open All Hours” system is no longer possible and I will be available for you to collect wine you buy from the Society only on Fridays between 10 am – 12 noon and 4 pm – 6 pm. I hope it will not be too inconvenient. An exemption will be made for members who live outside the Harrogate area. The supplier will deliver wine direct to your home address for a small charge (£15 on average) and free if the minimum spend is £400.  – BD

News In Brief

  • London Wine Trade Fair starts today.This is where I renew old HMWS contacts with the wine trade and make new ones. However, poor health prevents me from travelling to London for the Show this year


Yesterday In The HMWS

  • £400 for the Autumn Champagne Tour and £600 for the Credit Account were received from Peter Murphy
  • Lucille Austin collected her 3 cases of Santa Digna Rose
  • Champagne Pierre-Gimonnet’s current price list arrived. HMWS will be visiting the producer in Cuis for a tasting and lunch this October

The Week In The HMWS

  • 22 cases of wine bought from Fells by 8 members were delivered on Tuesday. Only four members have collected their wine so far
  • Chakana Tasting blog post was published and the last remaining surplus wines from the under subscribed event were sold, avoiding a financial loss to the Society.
  • Tony Lee & Renna Benson made a successful attempt to resurrect the June Crasto tasting. The event was quickly sold out. Wines are on order
  • 16 of the 25 Members of the tour party made Euro & Sterling payments for the Autumn Champagne Tour. 5 have written to say that euro payments will be made next week. Nothing is heard from the other four


“We’ve been traveling in Spain & Portugal for the last 8 days and picked up the latest on the Crasto event too late. Just enjoyed a very good wine trip in the Douro Superior staying in Longroiva..” – David Durant, Harrogate

“Do you still have places for 4th November? Any more news for the trip to Houses of Parliament? If you are planning to have a Christmas dinner, Dave and I will be interested.” – Jan Jobling, Birstwith

There are no plans for a Christmas Lunch or dinner this year. – BD

Down Memory Lane…

I wonder how many of you remember and still have photographs of the Society’s last Loire Wine Tour when we visited Amboise and Montlouise to taste with a much younger Jacky Blot of Taille aux Loups…


Yesterday In The HMWS

  • Wine: Fells invoices (wines for the Chakana tasting – £539.05 and Monday Wine Offers – £1258.57) were paid. Ian Bexon collected his wines
  • Autumn Champagne Tour: 1600 Euros paid in by members were banked. John Armstrong transferred 200 euros and Lynn Preston sent 400 euros online. Gail Bent made her payment in Pounds Sterling (£200). Barclays Bank suggested members use the fee free Pingit app to transfer euros. Has anybody tried it? So far, payments have been made by 12 members of the party
  • Quinta do Crasto Tasting: The available 8 places were filled by 5.30 pm. HMWS contact at Enotria confirmed that the wines are available and agreed to accept an order for single bottles instead of cases of six. The following order was placed and delivery is expected next week. The group will use up 2 bottles each of wines 1, 2 & 7 and one bottle each of the others
  1. Douro Superior White 2015 (75×6)
  2. Douro Superior Red 2014 (75×6)
  3. Touriga Nacional 2012 –  (75×1)
  4. Tinta Roriz 2012 – (75×1)
  5. Vinha da Ponte 2012 – (75X1)
  6. Vinha Maria Teresa 2013 – (75×1)
  7. Colheita 1997 – (75×6)



  • “Tony and I would very much like to do Renna & Tonys Crasto tasting.  More suited to our pocket than the big Portuguese trip! Sadly we are away on our French and Spanish wine buying road trip in August so wont be able to do the Summer party.” – Sian Gamble, Harrogate
  • “I would still be interested in the Crasto tasting; as I don’t have a car, it would be depending on the location of the Renna’s home.” – Gail (Bent), Harrogate
  • “Yes I would be interested” – David (Lees), Wetherby
  • “If it’s not too late please include me for the June tasting at Tony and Rennas. Also the Autumn Lunch.” – Jane (Greenwood), Leeds \
  • “Will you please include me in the Crasto tasting if its possible?” – Gwynneth (Owen), Leeds
  • “We are unable to take on engagements until July. So will not be able to apply for places on the Crasto tasting. I hope it will be possible and am sure all there will enjoy the great wines from that estate.” – Stephen (Cameron), Pick Hill
  • “Thank you for your email, I have organised the order (with a discount) for next week. I hope it is OK.” – Cyriaque (Lajoinie), Enotria, London


  • “Just back from Rioja and have a major tasting event this weekend. Will work on some costings for Argentina and get back to you next week, OK? Do you have a better resolution photo than the one you sent me? It’s a small format for some reason and comes out blurry. Thank you for the blog posting. Great round up. Speak soon. Have a good weekend, Best” – Sophie(Jump)
  • “VMT for that. My original cri de coeur was not intended to be anything but to give details of my travails and nothing else. I hope that my money has got to you.” – John Armstrong, Salisbury




10 thoughts on “Hedonist

  1. I would drive 500 miles: I have travelled the western Inverness to Durness section (some parts many times) and the stunning scenery keeps calling me back again and again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb And well organised tour.Some excellent wine tastings and returning with increased knowledge and love of good quality wines and champagne.Thank you Bernard and HMWS.


  3. The Alsace and Champagne tour was as good as ever, again with superb organisation, good quality tastings and welcoming hosts. Riquewihr in glorious autumn colours is beautiful. HMWS is also about fine dining and the evening at Auberge de L’Ill at Illhaeusern was a memorable highlight. Thank you for excellent planning, agreeable company and the two well-chosen hotels. Alisdair and Elma


  4. Sending you both our love and seasonal greetings, a happy Christmas and a wonderfull new year from Yorkshire. (Ey up hava gudun an si thee next yer). Mandy and Les
    Si thi. Les


  5. Bernard the tour to the Englis Vineyards sounds very appealing. We recently visited the Three Choirs Vineyard and we were very impressed. The vineyard was well kept with vine rows widely spaced (the vineyard had previously been a fruit farm.). The vineyard had recently been extended to include a few acres of Chardonnay. We had a glass of the Classic Cuvee as an aperitif it was light and delicate and very enjoyable. For lunch we tried Oak Aged Red 2014 ” a soft rounded red wine with berry fruits and a hint of oak” it complemented our lamb beautifully. We were also offered a taster of an alternative wine which the staff thought would also go well with our meal. The food and presentation were excellent. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable, one of the owners also came out to chat with us. We were sorry we didn’t have time to explore more vineyards but we had birthday party celebrations to attend. Best Regards Peter and Carol. P.S. We bought a guide to The wines of England and Wales.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Just like to say how much I enjoyed the tasting by Ian on Thursday night. A really interestingly conceived tasting which certainly demonstrated the 2014 vintage to be one of great quality and potential. I thought that the Sylvaner and the Kuentz-Bas muscat were probably the best examples of those two grapes that I have ever tasted. like Ian, I am not normally a fan of dry muscat, but the Kuentz-Bas was so intense and relatively complex that I really enjoyed it. I also felt that the Pinot Gris was certainly among the best that I have encountered and for me was among the best 3 wines at the tasting, along with the Gewürztraminer. The wine I found the most impressive was however the Ginglinger Riesling. Must go back after about 30 years – he also makes great Gewürztraminer.
    Finally I would like to thank Ian for his clear and informative talk. I was particularly impressed by his calm forbearance as the acoustics were not ideal and perhaps it would have been kinder had some of us been better able to control our excitement to pass comment on the wines to our neighbours rather than listening to what Ian had to say. A very enjoyable evening capped with a good meal. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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