Harrogate Medical Wine Society will hold a tasting of Meerlust Estate wines on Thursday 6th July 2017 at the Harrogate Masonic Hall, followed by a two-course supper. Wines will be presented by Bernard Dias


Long recognized for producing world-class wines, Meerlust Estate has been the pride of the Myburgh family since 1756. Today, the traditional dedication to the art of winemaking continues under the guidance of Hannes Myburgh, eighth generation custodian of this seventeenth-century national monument.
Meerlust, with its historic manor house, classic wine cellar, family cemetery, dovecote and bird sanctuary is situated fifteen kilometers south of Stellenbosch, with the blue crescent of False Bay a mere five kilometers away. Wines are only made from grapes grown on the Estate which is uniquely positioned for the production of wines with exceptional complexity and character.
In the summertime, ocean breezes and evening mists roll in from the coast to cool the vineyards. The grapes ripen slowly, thus achieving full, concentrated varietal flavours. The soils consist of predominantly deep, well drained Hutton and Clovelly soil types, affording the vines excellent drought resistance and an ideal substrata for producing concentrated, complex wines

Tasting List


Torres Chile Cordillera Brut Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir) from Curico Valley will be served on arrival. Curico was the wine region of choice for Miguel Torres when he began his foray into Chilean wine in 1979. The region’s soils are derived from limestone and volcanic rock from the Andes and have been deposited in the valley over time by the rivers (alluvial) as well as by gravity (colluvial).

  1. Meerlust Estate Chardonnay 2015 (£16)
  2. Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir 2015 (£17)
  3. Meerlust Estate Merlot 2014 (£16)
  4. Meerlust Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (£18)
  5. Meerlust Rubicon en magnum 2012 (£43)

Meerlust Estate Red 2013 (£10.50) – will be poured with supper.

Supper Menu

Lamb shank with mint and redcurrant sauce
White chocolate and apricot bread and butter pudding

Tickets cost £30 pp (guests £35) inclusive of supper


  1. Bent, Gail (invoice 17/5)
  2. Benson, Renna (Knareborough) (Paid 12/3)
  3. Beer, Malcolm, (Harrogate) (invoice 17/5)
  4. Beer, Joan (Harrogate) (invoice 17/5)
  5. Bexon, Carol (Harrogate) (paid 15/5)
  6. Bexon, Ian (Harrogate) (paid 15/5)
  7. Buckley, Robert (Leeds) (1/4)
  8. Cameron, Ann (Pick Hill) (Paid 12/3)
  9. Cameron, Stephen (Pick Hill) (Paid 12/3)
  10. Greenwood, Jane (Leeds) (Paid 12/3)
  11. Joslin, Ann (Harrogate) (Paid 12/3)
  12. Joslin, Charles (Harrogate) (Paid 12/3)
  13. Lee, Tony (Knaresborough) (Paid 12/3)
  14. Lees, David (Wetherby) (Paid 22/5))
  15. Lyles, Jackie (23/5)
  16. McFarlane, Douglas (Harrogate) (Paid 23/2)
  17. McFarlane, Gloria (Harrogate) (Paid 23/2)
  18. Murphy, Carol (21/5)
  19. Murphy, Peter (21/5)
  20. Owen, G – Leeds (Paid 12/3)
  21. Owen, R – Huddersfield (Paid 12/3)
  22. Stanier, Tony (23/5)
  23. Wood, Carole (Ackworth) (Paid 12/3)


(Last updated 23 May 2017)