German Pinot Noir


Pinot noir, or spätburgunder as it is more commonly known in Germanspeaking lands, is no new addition to Germany’s ever-evolving list of grape varieties. But until comparatively recently it was rarely made into anything more than a very light red of little merit. How things change! German pinot has come of age and recent vintages are exceptional. Climate change has undoubtedly played a part, and Burgundy is close by, providing a stylistic model for the wines.


  • Date &Time: Thursday 6 February 2020, 6.30 for 7pm
  • Venue: Harrogate Masonic Hall
  • Format: A seated, Powerpoint assisted, tutored tasting presented by Rob Buckley followed by a two-course supper. Tasting sheets, mats, spittoons, dry biscuits and drinking water will be provided. Own tasting glasses (minimum 6) are needed
  • Tickets: £30 pp. (£27 pp if tickets are bought before the 31st of December 2019). Guests £35 pp inclusive of two-course supper. (Two places are available without supper at £15 pp).
  • Reservations: Accepted with a non-refundable deposit of £15 pp. Full costs are refunded only if the tickets are re-sold
  • Places Left: 24.

Tasting List


Deposit Paid

  1. Greenwood, Jane (5/8/19)
  2. Joslin, A
  3. Joslin, C
  4. Trewhella, Jane (5/8/19)


  1. Beer, Malcolm
  2. Beer, Joan
  3. Botwright, Ian
  4. Botwright, E
  5. Buckley, R
  6. Buckley, P
  7. Goldsmith, J
  8. Goldsmith, S
  9. Goulding, Peter
  10. Hanney, I
  11. Hanney, R
  12. Kraam, A
  13. Lees, D
  14. Neumeister, C
  15. Owen, G
  16. Scullion, D
  17. Scullion, S
  18. Shore, J
  19. Shore, P
  20. Stewart, A
  21. Stewart, E
  22. Trewhella, J


(Updated 30 August 2019)