Date With Dirk Niepoort


A tasting dinner featuring Dirk’s top wines. Date, venue, cost etc to be announced.


  • “Dirk Niepoort is a giant in European winemaking. We greatly enjoyed his hospitality in Portugal. His new winemaking site is a vision of perfection. He is a great speaker, so it will be great to hear him speak in Harrogate.  It will have to be a DJ evening!!! So we will attend where ever you arrange.”
    Stephen & Ann (Cameron), Pick Hill, 5 January
  • “A tutored tasting by Dirk Niepoort of his wines would be a real coup!”
    Alisdair (Stewart), Harrogate, 5 January


4 January: Dirk Niepoort and Hotel du Vin contacted


  1. Bent, Gail
  2. Buckley, Rob
  3. Cameron, Ann
  4. Cameron, Stephen
  5. Chaves-Cox, Richard
  6. Chaves-Cox, Joan
  7. Dias, Bernard
  8. Dias, Ramani
  9. Greenwood, Jane
  10. Joslin, Charles
  11. Joslin, Ann
  12. Kraam, Abdullah
  13. Kraam (Christa)
  14. Morris, David
  15. Morris, Pat
  16. Murphy, Carol
  17. Murphy, Peter
  18. Owen, G
  19. Owen, R
  20. Scullion, David
  21. Scullion, Sylvia
  22. Shore, John
  23. Shore, Pat
  24. Stewart, Alisdair
  25. Stewart, Elma
  26. Wood, Carole


Last updated: 9 May 2017