Champagne Tour 2020

A six-day coach trip to Champagne this autumn to taste and buy, is being planned


  • Date: Tuesday 27 October to Sunday 1 November 2020
  • Route: Harrogate/Hull/Zeebrugge/Reims
  • Coach: Provided by Murgatroyd Tours of Harrogate
  • Base In Reims: Hotel de la Paix
  • Group Size: 26

Provisional Itinerary


  • Coach to Hull. Pickup point in Harrogate is Library Garden and on the A1, Ferrybridge Service Station
  • Afternoon tea on the coach
  • Overnight P&O ferry to Zeebrugge with outside cabins, dinner and breakfast. (Upgrade to Club Cabins and meals at the Brasserie are possible)


  • Arrive Zeebrugge and disembark after breakfast
  • Coach to Reims with mid-morning coffee, “Wine Tasting on Wheels” and a picnic lunch with wine
  • Arrive Reims and check-in at Hotel de la Paix (Privilege Class rooms)
  • Evening Champagne Masterclass at Tresors with snacks


Reims cathedral from Hotel de la Paix



  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Morning tasting and lunch at Champagne Pierre Gimonnet
  • Afternoon free. Optional visit to a Supermarket
  • Evening Grand Champagne Dinner


  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Optional visit to the Reims Covered Market
  • Drive to Zeebrugge with picnic lunch en route
  • Overnight ferry to Hull with outside cabins, dinner and breakfast. (Upgrade to Club Cabins and meals at the Brasserie are possible)


  • Arrive Hull. Disembark after breakfast
  • Coach to Harrogate


  • Bring an overnight bag for the ferry journeys
  • Don’t forget a tasting glass which should be with you on the coach
  • If you are concerned about plastic waste, please bring a mug foe coffee on the coach and a plate and cutlery for picnic lunches
  • You will need walking shoes for tours in Reims

Deposit Paid

  1. Armstrong, John (4/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  2. Benson, R (3/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  3. Lee, T (3/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  4. Bent, G (3/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  5. Blow, Anita (2/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  6. Buckley, Rob (31/12/19) Credit refund 19/3/20
  7. Buckley, Pauline (31/12/19) Credit refund 19/3/20
  8. Coral, Tony (14/1/20) Credit refund 19/3/20
  9. Kerr, Helen (14/1/20) Credit refund 19/3/20
  10. Durrant, David (8/1/20) Refund 18/3/20 (Credit) £25
  11. Durrant, Patricia Refund 18/3/20 (Credit) £25
  12. Kraam, Abdullah (7/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  13. Lyles, Jackie (9/1/20 Credit refund 28/3/20
  14. Kalmanovitch, Debo (13/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  15. Morle, Iain (13/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  16. Murphy, P (4/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  17. Murphy, C Credit refund 28/3/20
  18. Owen, Rhiannon (31/12/19) Credit refund 28/3/20
  19. Khurana, Mo (15/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  20. Schuth, Dirk (15/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  21. Scullion, David (15/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  22. Scullion, Sylvia Credit refund 28/3/20
  23. Stanier, Tony (9/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  24. Trewhella, Jane (1/1/20) Credit refund 28/3/20
  25. Wood, Carole (6/1/20) Cancelled 12/1/20


  1. Goldsmith, S
  2. Goldsmith, J
  3. Greenwood, Jane
  4. Preston, Lynne & partner
  5. Shore, P
  6. Shore, J
  7. Stables, Joan

List closed on 16 January 2020


  • “From my point of view, the Champagne itinerary sounds a very good balance of activities in a smaller area so less coach travel.
    If we are going to include one of the large Champagne houses, I would be very interested in visiting Veuve Clicquot.” – Gail (Bent), Harrogate
  • “This itinerary looks good – plenty to do, but also time for food shopping!” – Jane Trewhella
  • “I have this evening transferred my deposit for the October Champagne Tour. As per my previous email I will only be able to join the tour for a few days. I would therefore only require accommodation for the Thursday and Friday nights. I would plan to arrive in Reims in time for breakfast on the Thursday and participate in Thursday and Fridays tastings and dinners. I hope this does not cause too many problems. I appreciate this causes you more work and that it may not be possible to accommodate my request.” – Anita (Blow)
  • “I plan to work at our head office in Guildford on the Wednesday then drive down and take an early morning crossing via Euro tunnel on Thursday. I will make my own way home on Saturday via Calais. I look forward to the trip and hope you get the numbers to enable it to go ahead.” – Anita (Blow)
  • “Please debit my account for the initial deposit for Renna and I. We are pleased to be able to join you all on the 27/10 to 1/11.” – Tony (Lee), Knaresborough
  • “Please deduct from my account the deposit for the champagne trip for carol and myself. I will be in touch re our wish list of producers to visit.” – Peter (Murphy), Ackworth
  • “Please put me down for this October trip.” – John (Armstrong), Salisbury
  • “I’d be interested. I vaguely remember there should be enough in my account to cover the deposit? If not let me know and I’ll transfer. I’ve also booked the Bucharest flights as you suggested.” – Abdullah (Kraam), Menston

“Thank you for your interest in our House. We would be very pleased to welcome you again and send you hereinafter our reception proposal:

  • 7.00 pm: Welcome at Moët & Chandon, 20 avenue de Champagne, 51200 Epernay
  • Private visit of our cellars
  • Aperitif in the Orangerie
  • 4-course dinner in the Orangerie paired with our cuvées
  • End about 10.30 pm

The price for this delightful experience is € 255 per person incl. VAT – minimum invoiced 15 people. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you wish to place an option in order to secure the date. We look forward to welcoming you soon in our Maison.
Yours sincerely,” – Joanna JENICOT, Chargée des réservations Réceptions et Clientèle, Direction Visites et Réceptions, Maison Moët & Chandon

  • “Could you please deduct the £25  deposit for the  Champagne trip from my account for me.  Joan has decided that she can’t make the trip.
    Two trips ago 6 of us we went to Thevenot and had an excellent tasting.  He was having a tasting room and restaurant built.  He said at the time that we would be very welcome to visit again.  I would also add Vilmart to my list as well because their wine is good and  they are always welcoming. Pleased to see that Gimonnet is already booked in for a visit.” – Carole (Wood), Ackwort.
  • “We have not changed our minds overnight on joining the Champagne trip in October so we have transferred our deposit of £50.00 for the two of us. It will be a first for us having not visited the area apart from Tricia’s visit to Rheims a very long time ago.” David & Patricia (Durrant), Harrogate
  • Grand Champagne Dinner: “I’d be delighted to attend a grand Champagne Dinner, if it were to be organised.” – Jane (Trewhella), Otley
  • “If you are still looking for ideas for houses to visit then Renna and I would be very happy to go back to Drappier whose wines we found very impressive and also to Thienot who have been a favourite of Renna’s for many years.” – Tony (Lee), Knaresborough
  • “Happy New Year, sorry to miss the Chablis tasting, just come back from New Zealand  , Jackie and I are registered for the Champagne trip, I am posting deposits in the morning together with Jackies membership fee. We would both be interested in the final dinner, please include us.” – Tony (Stanier)
  • “The Moet and Chandon dinner sounds good.. The more things you post about this trip, the more I am really looking forward to it.” – Rhiannon (Owen)

(Updated 29 March 2020)