Boxing Day 2015




26th was also Nick’s birthday. The dawn chorus was melodious and a soft mist rose from the lake. A big, black wild boar grunted and ambled across the field in the valley below. Palm trees swayed in a gentle breeze and bright brown Brahminy Kites with gleaming white heads floated lazily above as we sipped tea on the terrace. Nick was wearing a Sri Lankan sarong and west and everybody smiled and nodded in approval. It was the perfect start to the day.

We were at the Albatross on Victoria lake near Kandy.



There was fresh fruit, Kiribath (rice cooked with coconut milk), String Hoppers and excellent local bacon.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet

We read, walked in the hills and drank beer until it was time for lunch. We asked for rice and curry again and the chef prepared excellent Black Pork and eight different curries, all served on the terrace.



They did a “Mongolian Barbecue” that evening. We drank a bottle of Seifried Sauvignon Blanc in the lounge and had Barda Pinot Noir and Ken Forrester’s Petit Pinotage with the meal. Mongolian Barbecue was not really a BQ in the traditional sense. We selected fish and meat from the buffet (squid, prawns, seer fish, pork, chicken and beef) and the chef tossed them with vegetables, rice and noodles in a wok with great ceremony and pyrotechnics before placing a sizzling plateful of the food in front of us. We chatted and laughed and ate and had enormous fun.

Then the lights were dimmed and the chef brought in the birthday cake bright with candles and sparklers. Everybody sang ‘happy birthday’ the the waiter in a Santa hat rang a little brass bell. Nick blew the candles and the cake was cut and eaten.








9 thoughts on “Boxing Day 2015

    • Belated birthday greetings to Nick. We also celebrated on the 26th December , Our Wedding Anniversary. Our 47th year completed We drank Cuvée des Enchanteleurs. 1998.. It was delicious. We followed this with Venison Haunch Wellington accompanied by Clos De La Perriere 2009 (purchased on a HMWS trip) With cheese we had 40 year old tawny port. It was a delightful meal even though the rain was pouring down!!
      Hope you are keeping well love and best regards Carol and Peterxx

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