Sri Lanka 2015 – Bambarakanda Falls


With a height of 263 metres, Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka


One bright December morning, we drove from Haputale to Bambarakanda Falls. At Kalupahana we came off the main road and took the narrow, winding track up the mountain towards the falls. We passed hamlets with tiny houses and shops selling fruit and through terraced rice fields. Suddenly the majestic falls, across a narrow valley, came in to view. We parked by the side of the track and walked to the green painted office where a bored-looking young man wearing a skull cap sold us tickets to go to the base of the falls across the valley – Rs. 150 per person (~75 pence). A well maintained foot path lead down in to the valley, crossed a gurgling brook and climbed towards the falls through a pine forest.



Svømmende_blodigleAs we reached the base of the falls, the noise from the crashing water was deafening. The spray formed ground level rainbows and drenched us as we stood on the viewing platform. Leeches tried to crawl up my trouser leg. I brushed them away but a woman who was wearing open sandals had a bloated leech attached to her toe. She saw it and screamed.







As we walked down through the pine forest, a small group of soldiers was labouring uphill with camping chairs, tables and boxes of food and drink for their officer’s family who were going to have a picnic at the falls. The officer, in full uniform and sporting a smart handle bar moustache said “good morning” to us and hurried up the path. A thin young man chewing betel was sweeping the path near the bridge. “The council has given me temporary employment” he said. “I get Rs. 10,000 a month (£50) for keeping the path and two toilets clean.” He spat out a neat stream of red betel juice. “After two years, I am still a temporary employee” he grumbled. “Could you put in a word for me?”




2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka 2015 – Bambarakanda Falls

  1. Merry Christmas from a very wet Yorkshire

    Leeds City centre today has had worst flooding for 70 years. 3,500 homes affected by flooding in York with the River Foss flood barrier failing and the water level up to the 5.4m max of York flood defences.

    Earlier in month water overran the top of Malham Cove making to the tallest free fall waterfall in England, about the height of the Bambarakanda Falls!

    Family enjoyed Lagar de Cervera 2014 Albariño with crab claw

    meat cooked with butter and garlic for lunch (daughter commented there was a special device for keeping you hand clean getting the meat out of the claw – it’s called a chef)

    We also enjoyed La Masia Chardonnay and Acero Chardonnay with the Christmas goose and venison sausages (M&S, gluten- free too, excellent).

    Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family.



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