Alsace Wine Tour 2015 – René Muré & Clos St-Landelin


In the 17th century, Michel Muré settled in Rouffach and planted his vineyard. In 1935, Alfred Muré extended the property with the addition of the 12-hectare terraced Clos St Landelin, foreseeing already its potential for exceptional quality. Today, Alfred’s grandson René, together with his children Véronique and Thomas, the 11thand 12th generations of the family, who manage the 25 ha biodynamic vineyards and the winery.

The drive from Riquewhir to Raouffach took about forty mts. We turned off the main road and drove to the winery in the midst of mist clad vineyards. I was excited. I visited René Muré the first time I came to Alsace, many years ago and remember the great reception and the Pinot Noir which I still think is the best I have had in Alsace. I still have a few bottles of the superb vendange tardive Muscat and Pinot Gris (vintage 1999) from that trip.



Véronique Muré

Véronique Muré with Clos St. Landelin in the distance


This time however, things looked different. Both Véronique and Thomas were busy with the harvest and could not taste with us. Véronique apologised and her assistant Camille took us in to the small tasting room with a view of distant Clos St-Landelin and Grand Cru Vorbourg. We tasted a pretty good Cremant. And then Camille dropped the bombshell. “We don’t have any Pinot Noir left” she said. The silence was deafening. “But you have Pinot Noir on your price list” I exclaimed. It transpired that their Pinot was only for sale and not for tasting. So, we bought a magnum of the wine that brought us to Domaine Muré and proceeded to taste it. It didn’t have the expected Muré punch and some wondered what the fuss was all about. We tasted Rieslings and Muscats but now, it was a laboured event, lacking enthusiasm. We thanked Camille and left. Not much was bought.

We took the narrow road through the vineyards to the Clos St-Landelin terraces and had a wonderful picnic lunch.




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