How Pretty Is Ribeira Sacra!


Ribeira Sacra? Yes, this is that tiny little hilly and magical wine region in Galicia on the confluence of rivers Sil and Miño where Godello and Mencia grapes rein supreme.


Ribeira Sacra is an ancient wine region but became a DO only in 1996. The almost vertical vineyards cling to the hillside, dotted with vineyard workers houses and monasteries. I am in love with Godello and Mencia and on my way to taste with Telmo Rodriguez in Valdeorras last month, I stopped briefly in Ribeira Sacra to enjoy the spectacular, upper Douro like vista.





On the other side of Rio Lor, I stopped at a roadside cafe for cafe con leche. Outside, there was a well preserved horreo – a Galician stone granary. Inside, there were hunting trophies on the walls. I’ll be back, I told my self, and I will have time to walk in the vineyards and visit winemakers and hilltop monasteries.




4 thoughts on “How Pretty Is Ribeira Sacra!

  1. Nice post, you must have travelled the width of part of the Ribeira Sacra. Some photos taken near to where I live, Chantada; others obviously Rio Lor, near Quiroga.
    Whilst you say the area is like Douro the tow zones have something in common. They are both members of the CERVIM, in Spanish viticultura heroica. I will not give a link to this but I am sure you cna find more about this on the web if you are interested. I do hope that you return to the area soon.

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