Great North Road

Bandi's Blog

“…It is exciting to be on the A9, weaving my way through the Tiger heartland for the first time…”

There are cows, dogs and mad drivers on the road. Cops hide behind trees, waiting for easy pickings. My betel chewing driver spits a jet of red betel juice out of the window and just manages to miss a woman motorcyclist wearing a bright green sari. Palmyra trees stand erect and still by the roadside. This is the A9 to Jaffna.

At Omanthai checkpoint, at the entrance to Wanni, there is minimum fuss. No documents are checked and no inspections made for undesirable foreigners. I am finally on my way to the heartland of the Tigers.

Iranamadu Tank

‘Tank’ over here means a reservoir and Iranamadu is one of the giants, built in 400 AD. The country is dotted with them, built by ancient kings. During the civil war, Tigers used to…

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