Scrap Heaps Of A Thirty Year War

Tamil Tiger bunkers and other military installations in Mulaitivu were blown up recently and it is no longer possible to see them. I visited Mulaitivu last year and this post documents what I saw.

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The thirty year civil war in Sri Lanka ended in May 2009. The most potent weapon of the LTTE or Tamil Tigers was the suicide bomber. Since the war ended it has been possible to visit the former LTTE controlled areas in the north of the country and the LTTE bases in the Wanni jungle and their military hardware have been put on public display. Using the frontier town of Mulaitivu as the base, I visited these rusting relics of war in February of 2013. This is what I saw.


Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran‘s camouflaged compound with massive gates in the Wanni jungle is extensive. It is surrounded by minefields, several barbed wire fences, armoured sentry posts manned by suicide bombers, cages containing dogs trained to sense any approaching enemy soldiers, and a jogging track. His modest house has four stories of underground concrete…

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