Adams Bridge

Valentina, a young Russian transport engineer who read this post, wanted to travel to Sri Lanka to visit Adams Bridge. She contacted me and I put her in touch with the agent who arranged my trip there in 2012. Valentina is coming to Sri Lanka on 25th February 2014. However, following a fatal accident in November 2013, Sri Lankan Navy has suspended boat trips to Adams Bridge.
This is my original Bandi’s Blog post published in March 2013.

Bandi's Blog

Adams Bridge or Rama‘s Bridge is a series of small islands, sand banks and corals, 18 miles long, connecting the southern tip of India at Danushkodi to Talaimannar in north-western Sri Lanka. Based on satellite studies, some believe that it is the bridge that Hanuman built for Rama to cross to Sri Lanka with his army to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka some 1.75 million years ago, as recorded by the Indian epic, Ramayana! There are 16 islands, 8 controlled by Sri Lanka and the rest by India.

Talaimannar beach with its old lighthouse and Pier View Restaurant run by the Sri Lankan navy is the starting point for the two hour return journey to Adams Bridge.

Each Sri Lankan navy speedboat has room for eight passengers and is manned by two crew. Life jackets and refreshment packs are provided and…

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