Enira – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Bulgaria 2 082

It was John’s note that jogged my memory.

“One day the coach took us to a wide, parched valley, baked by the sun, into which a state of the art winery appeared to have been dropped, complete with healthy looking vines and strong security fencing. This was Enira, only planted three years earlier or so.”

That was in 2007 and we were visiting Bessa Valley Winery in the Ognianovo region in Bulgaria – the brainchild of Stephan von Neippberg. The valley is breathtakingly beautiful and as we drove up the narrow road towards the winery in the midst of a sea of vines, buzzards circled overhead and Northern Wheatears darted about.

Bulgaria 2 071

Bulgaria 2 075

Bessa Valley

Entrance to the vineyard

Entrance to the vineyard

The winery

The winery

Bulgaria 2 081

Barrel cellar

Bulgaria 2 084

The 140 ha vineyard is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot and Enira was the single red wine made in Bordeaux style.

 John Continued…

 “You and I both bought some (Enira) the next year but both were disappointed. I recently drank the 2008 and in my personal view, a remarkable metamorphosis has happened. It is a dark wine but not black or opaque; as one expect from a Merlot/ Cab Sauv mix at 80 to 20 – a Robert Parker sort of wine. The balance between acidity, ripe fruit, intensity and tannin was exemplary. On a third sip one sensed some alcohol but this did not upset this balance, despite the label confessing to 14.5%.  Its five years of age evidenced no brown shades or fading edges. The only minus points  were a subdued nose and not much length. These could change.”

I ordered a case of Enira 2008 that morning.


The tour of Bulgaria was expertly arranged by Dimiter and Marina Georgiev of Neophron Tours. http://www.neophron.com


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