Date With Marc Chagall

As the coach sped along the M62, we sipped Pierre-Gimonnet’s excellent Cuis Premier Cru and Rose de Blancs and watched Kim Evans’ art documentary ‘Marc Chagall.’ We were on our way to see  “Chagall: Modern Master” at the Tate in Liverpool.
Albert Dock was bathed in warm sunshine and the tall brown warehouse that is the Tate, stood at the edge of the water against a bright blue sky. Chagall’s bright and vivid colours too were those of a dreamy summer. His ‘Red Roofs; reminded me of the wooden dachas in dusty Ukranian villages were I lived in the late 1960s and angular features of ‘Brother’ was mesmerising. There was no Fiddler On The Roof.
My first encounter with Chagall’s blue stained glass windows was in Reims cathedral in 1996. Then I saw his paintings, seven years later, at the Chagall museum in Nice, on my way to Liguria to taste wine. I have never found Chagall irresistible, but his work seems to have a strange, haunting effect on me.
Outside in the sunshine, the dock was packed with Liverpudlians out having a good time. The waterfront promenade has countless padlocks proclaiming eternal love hanging from iron chains. Women were drinking Rosé and some sat at the feet of Billy Fury eating ice creams. A sign in front asked visitors not to climb on the statue.
Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows can be seen at:
  • Tudeley All saints Church, Tonbridge, Kent (1963-78)
  • Abbell Synagogue at Hadassah University Medical Centre, Jerusalem (1962)
  • UN Headquarters – Eastern side of public lobby (1964)
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral Reims (1968-74)
  • St. Stephen’s Church, Mainz (1978)
  • Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex (1978)

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