48 hrs. in Lima

48 hrs. in Lima in April 2012.

Day 1. Peru – Here We Come!

The day starts at 2 am. We take the dawn flight out of cold and wet Leeds/Bradford. Amsterdam is shrouded in mist. At 10 am we mix the first G&T in Schipol‘s Menzis lounge. The flight to Lima is at midday. We eat and drink, read, sleep and eat and drink again. Amazon below is a wide, twisted river system and Andes are hidden under the clouds. As the sun sets, I glimpse the Pacific. Lima glitters at dusk. Alex from Lima Tours drives us to the Estelar in Miraflores and is full of good travel tips. “Drink only bottled water, avoid marinated raw fish and prawns for a few days, do not drink alcohol in Arequipa or Colca Canyon and keep off coca tea if you have a stomach upset.” It is past 3 in the morning back home and we have been on the road for over 24 hours. As I look out of the window of my eleventh floor hotel room at the bustling streets below me, I feel the fatigue but am jolly pleased to be here!

Day 2. Tasting Lima

Today, the day starts at 3 am! It is the body clock that needs resetting. The first bird of the trip is a West Peruvian Dove. The view from the 21st floor restaurant in the Estella is stunning with the Pacific to the west and hills in the east. The waiter tells me the best wine in Peru is Intipalka Uno. The seafront walk is exhilarating with lazy Pacific rollers kissing the sandy beach. Shiny Cowbirds dash about and giant Chiguanco Thrushes hop along the grass verge. Black Vultures circle overhead. Lima appears to have black vultures as other cities have crows! Two blocks from the hotel, smiling women at Cherry serve the traditional Black Maize drink, vegetable soup, salad, grilled fish with potatoes and rice followed by fresh fruit, all for less than £4. We wash lunch down with Cuscano beer and join Maribella to taste the rest of the city…


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