Georgian Wine with Caroline Gilby MW

  • Marani Mtsvane 2008:Aromatic, crisp and very drinkable white from Telavi sold by the georgian wine society at £8.99. 13.5%
  • Tbilvino Rkatsiteli 2008: Most planted Georgian white grape. Less aromatic than Mtsvane but richer and more mouth feel. Food wine. Used also in making brandy. 12.5%.
  • Telani Tsinandali 2005: A blend of Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli. Slightly oxidised, making it unpleasant.
  • Satrapezo 10 Kvevri 2008: A wine from the clay pots. Golden, rich and mouth filling. Tannic from long contact with skins, pips and stalks. A food wine to be treated like a red.
  • Kondoli Saperavi 2007: An excellent red from Georgia’s signature red grape. From Telavi. Aromatic with good fruit and acidity. Flavours of black cherry. £11.36 from Well worth getting hold of some.
  • Orvela Saperavi/Cabernet Sauvignon 2006: From Chandrebi Estate but with TCA stain.
  • Teliani Mukuzani 2006: Richer and more complex aged Saperavi.
  • Satrapezo Saperavi 2007: Complex, soft, lovely Saperavi. £21.99 from Georgian Wine society.
  • Marani Ojaleshi: Sweet red from Telavi. Forgettable.

4 thoughts on “Georgian Wine with Caroline Gilby MW

  1. “I’ve never heard Caroline Gilby speak before but I thought that she was excellent. The tasting last night was very enjoyable and gave us a taste of what to expect in
    Georgia. I’m quite happy for the men to drink the white wine so that the reds are left for the ladies!”
    – Carole (Wood), Ackworth, 24th August.


  2. “What a super evening we had on Tuesday! A tasting of very interesting and unusual wines and Caroline was such an enthusiastic mentor. She made me feel that I must go to Georgia! What a good idea to have supper after the Tasting – the room looked very inviting and the food served was excellent. An entertaining evening all round.”
    Gwynneth (Owen), Leeds, 24th August.


  3. “The Georgia tasting was one Joan and me have (enjoyed) most since (we) rejoined HMWS. It was the combination of trying unfamiliar, unusual wines in good company combined with excellent presentation by Caroline Gilby.”
    – Dr. Richard Chave-Cox, Harrogate, 24th August


  4. “The Caroline Gilby/St-Roberts evening went well and the McNamaras looked after us with good service and a pleasant supper.”
    – Drs. Alisdair & Elma Stewart, Harrogate, 25th August


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