Wines of Emilio Bulfon

Ben Robson

On 10th November, we got our introduction to some near extinct Italian varietals and the opportunity to taste wines made with them by Emilio Bulfon, the man who re-discovered them in the hills of Friuli over thirty years ago and since then, has dedicated his life to the preservation of these ancient grapes. Ben Robson, who presented the wines is Bulfon’s UK agent and knows the area, grapes and the wines well. This surely was one of the highlights of the Society’s tasting year.

Supper:  At 9 pm, in the upstairs room, Helen McNamara served Tuscan braised lamb with Italian roasted potatoes followed by Panna Cotta.’

Tasting List

Sparkling Wine

White Wines: Sciaglin 2010, Cividin 2010

Red Wines: Cjanorie 2010, Piculit Neri 2010, Piculit Neri Black Label 2009, Cordenossa 2010, Pecol Ros 2009

Sweet Wines: Ucelut, Moscato Rosa


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